Friday, March 18, 2011

Bring On Spring!

The past couple of days have been nothing short of pure bliss!  Spring popped in to say hello once again & left us with some warm weather, beautiful breezes, & more daylight in our evenings.  I'm getting so antsy for Spring to quit with the popping in & out & just STAY already!  But that's the way Spring rolls, I suppose.  So we'll just roll with it & suck every bit of daylight out of the beautiful Spring days we are given!  

What that means for us is:

Splashing our driveway in a rainbow of colors! {love those little rubberband wrists}

Blowing bubbles til' we're blue in the face & lookin' like blowfish!

Playing in the yard, finding sticks & rocks! {that smile melts my heart}

Flip flops & bare feet!

Breathing in every great family moment spent during our "evening driveway parties"!

Thank you Spring, for the little drop in this week!  You are most certainly welcome ANYTIME!

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