Monday, March 28, 2011

Cut The Crap.

Right before I got pregnant with Jett, Jared bought me the cutest little black dress for my birthday.  We were celebrating my birthday/ our 5 year wedding anniversary/"Babymoon" {my birthday & our anniversary are only a couple of days apart} in Mexico, so I got to wear the dress there--once.  Shortly after we got home from our vacation in Mexico, I found out I was pregnant, so that little black dress that I loved so much & only got to wear once?  It got shoved to the back of the closet & the comfy pants got moved to the front.

As I was organizing my closet last week, & digging every single item out of there, wayyyyy back in the back, behind heaps of sweaters & sweatshirts, I stumbled upon that cute little black dress again.  It took me back to our vacation in Mexico, how I wore it on our anniversary dinner which we thought was going to be dinner on the beach, but ended up being even more spectacular than that!  The host of the resort led us down a long path, past the area where the tables were set up for dinners on the beach & instead took us clear out to the ocean water {I have to admit I got a little nervous at this point.  Every time I go to Mexico I have this fear that someone wants to kill me.  I know, I'm a nut}.  He led us down the dark beach, & then in the distance I saw dim little candles flickering away, candles that made a path in the sand, & then led all the way up a staircase to this wooden area that was elevated up & over the ocean water!     It was the most breathtaking romantic scene I could ever have imagined, & we "ooooed" & "awwwed" & looked at one another all googly eyed, disbelieving that it was all for us!   Once settled into our seats at our table over the water, we toasted to my birthday, & to our marriage of five years, {& to dates that look like they are straight off "The Bachelor"}!  We spent that evening eating & laughing & kissing,  as the salty wind whipped my hair all over the place & the noise of waves crashed against the shore beneath us.  It was one of the most amazing nights I have ever had, & sitting there in my closet with that satin black dress in my hands brought it all back & made it seem like it was only yesterday that we were celebrating out on the ocean!

Some pics from our vacation, just for fun!

Well, you know what? We may not be in Mexico, & there may not be any place to have dinner around here where the ocean crashes all around us & a salty sea breeze blows, but my birthday & our seven year anniversary are just right around the corner, & I think that's reason enough to slip back into that little black number, get a sitter for the evening {maybe even overnight},  & make our own little Mexico with what we've got.

There's just one small problem...that little black dress?  It's just that--little.  Size 0 to be exact.  And sadly, last I checked, I wasn't a size 0 anymore.  Motherhood {& chocolate, & cupcakes, & dr.pepper,} have done quite a number on this body of mine, & though I can still squeeze into that dress, it ain't pretty.

So that's it.  If I'm ever gonna fit back into that cute little black dress that I love so much & only wore once, I'm going to have to cut the crap.  It's time to say good-bye to things like:


& this:

{Dang Easter candy aisle.  Gets me every time.}

And it's time to say hello to my treadmill, running shoes, oatmeal, egg whites, baked chicken, lean turkey, crystal light water packets, & of course...

little black dresses.

Wish me luck!


  1. Hey! You've done it once and you can do it again! I'm the one that needs luck! : ) Haha. I've been trying to cut the junk for awhile now...its tough! Well, sending some luck your way. Now, send a WHOLE LOT my way!

    So are you cutting junk out completely or are you going to give yourself a cheat meal...or day? : )

  2. Thanks, Abby! =) I am sending lots of luck your way, haha! Even though we both know luck isn't gonna get us skinny!

    I am back to eating really clean. I gave up eating anything after dinnertime--so no snacking & only water to drink. I will allow myself something small to cheat if I think I REALLY need it. And only on the weekends.

    I have been running again, but need to get back to the gym as well. Baby steps, I suppose.

    You can do it! It's mind over matter!! =)

  3. you got it girl!!! you can do it!!! :) I love to read your blog...its always inspiring! love ya!!!

  4. i love you too aim!! thanks for your encouraging words! =) =)