Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Friday!

I was cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast this morning when my phone rang & I answered to a chipper voice on the other end, "Hey sis!  What's your plan for the day?  I want to come spend the day with you!" Luckily, my schedule was wide open & it ended up being a great day to spend time with my little bro! 

As soon as Jared caught wind that we were about to have a fun filled day, he took the rest of the day off of work & joined us as well!  The more the merrier! 

We had yummy lunch at Noodles & Co.

Tormented each other like brothers & sisters do!

And there was lots & lots of "Uncle Curtis" time!

I love my brother's visits & the times we get to spend with him!  I love the energy he brings & how he makes me giggle at his silly sense of humor.  I admire his heart of gold & get a kick out of his funny little quirks.  I love how he still lets me boss him around & how he tells me to "cool it" when he's had enough. I love how he flies by the seat of his pants, & how he sings ridiculous songs completely off key.  But more than all of that, what I love the most is that the little twirp that I grew up with, the one I fought with every single day of my childhood, the one who annoyed me more than anyone else possibly could, the one I swore was placed in my life for the sole purpose of ruining it, I now count as one of my very best friends.  

I am so thankful & blessed that my brother & I have the precious relationship that we do.  We've been a part of one another's lives for as far back as our memories can go, & our lives have been & will forever be intertwined.  We've laughed & cried, fist fought & hugged, screamed "I hate you" & said "I'll always be there for you".  I've had his back, & he's had mine.  And after all these years I can honestly say there isn't any other little brat I would have rather spent my life growing up with.  He is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, & I'm honored to call him my brother.

I'm already looking forward to the next out of the blue phone call, with the same chipper voice on the other end of the line, eager to have another fun Friday with!  

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  1. This made me cry...please for the rest of your life, cherish these times with your brother. I love that you have a great relationship with him, and jealous of you at the same time. My brother has been my guardian angel for 6 years this April 2nd, and he was the most amazing big brother, and we were soo very close as you and your brother seem to be. He was only one year older than me! Thank you for sharing the amazing joy that your brother brought to you, I needed to read this. Love you <3