Thursday, April 28, 2011

The big 3-0!

I've been thirty for almost a whole entire day now, & I must say that so far, I'm loving every moment of it !

It has been an absolutely wonderful day & I have been spoiled rotten {which is exactly how birthdays are supposed to be, right?}!

I should have known it was going to be an awesome day when I woke up this morning to Jett stirring through the monitor & rolled over to see that it was TEN O' CLOCK!  What one year old sleeps in until 10:00???  Apparently, mine does!  I swear, I'm getting that little boy a pony for his next birthday!  He is the BEST baby & knows the way to his momma's heart--SLEEP! I haven't slept in that late since, well...I can't even remember when!  I must say, it was NIIIIIIIICE!  {Oh...I'm totally kidding about the pony part.}

Jared took the day off to celebrate with me, & once we all rolled out of bed, he & Jett had me follow a trail of balloons to my big birthday surprise!

This is what I found at the end of the trail:

A NEW CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jared has been working so hard over the past month on this birthday gift for me!  He had new lighting installed, built floor to ceiling custom shelves, & purchased the perfect pieces of furniture for this adorable little nook of a room!  I cannot think of a better gift for my 30th!  It's a place that is all my own, where I can let my creative juices flow, & put my own little touches all over the place!  I CANNOT WAIT to get in there & let the creating begin!!!

Jared even set up a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!  {Is he not the sweetest?!}

And the fun didn't stop there...

There were more fun gifts to open! {with Jett's help, of course}

A yummy lunch & birthday dessert at the Cheesecake Factory!

{I think someone enjoyed the sweets even more than I did!}

A shopping spree--courtesy of my momma!

A relaxing spa pedicure!

Cupcakes from my favorite little bakery in town--Baby Cakes!

And the very best part of my day...

snuggling a cozy jammied baby who smelled absolutely delicious after his bath!

It was a birthday that was nothing short of beautiful & I will remember it forever & ever.  I was pampered, & treated, & spoiled, & loved by so many people in my life today.  I am one blessed girl & there aren't words to adequately express just how full my cup is at this moment!

Thank you to all of you who left me notes, sent cards, & wrote messages on my facebook!  You know how to make a girl feel loved, that's for sure!

Thank you to my absolutely amazing hubby!  You make me feel like a fairytale princess so very often, but today you made me feel like a queen!  Thank you for every little detail, every bit of thoughtfulness, every bit of hard work you put into making this day a day I would remember forever & ever!  I love you so very much!

Because of my friends & family & the great big bunch of love & support I have in my life, turning the big 3-0 has been one of the best days I've ever had!

This weekend holds even more fun for us!  Jared & I will be celebrating seven years of marriage & we've got some neat things planned!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Happy belated birthday Holly! Looks like you had a great day! 30's really aren't that bad! May the Lord bless you with many more wonderful years!

  2. now i want to turn 30! sucks i have to wait a couple more years to enjoy a birthday as good as this one.

    it sounds like you had an amazing day! just what a birthday should be like =) that craft room has me really wanting to know details on where to buy, how much it cost and when can i get one!? lol