Monday, April 18, 2011

An "Egg"cellent Day!

On Saturday morning, Jett & I loaded up bright & early, picked up our friends Stacy & Jude, & headed off to the Easter Egg Extravaganza that was held at a local park in our town!

Even though it was absolutely freezing outside & we nearly froze our tooshies off, that didn't stand in the way of two mommas on a mission to make some memories for their little boys!

 We went on a Choo Choo Train Ride!

The boys had their faces painted!

The Easter Bunny made an appearance!

And of course... there was an Easter Egg Hunt!

I absolutely LOVE these next two photos of the boys!  They were waiting so patiently for the Egg Hunt to begin!  Such little sweeties!


As we strolled out of the park, the boys happy as clams with lollipops plopped in their mouths, Jude exclaiming how much fun he had, & Stacy & I chattering about what a truly great time it had been, my heart was simply overflowing.  There is something that happens inside a momma's heart when she knows she's done good.  When all of the hustling & bustling to get out of the house, the packing & loading down of two small kids & a stroller, the braving of the freezing cold temperatures--when all of that pays off.  It's that moment when you look into the faces of two little blue eyed boys, their eyes full of excitement & wonder & you know as a mom, you did good.  And I must say... we did darn good!

To finish our day off, we went out for some lunch.  Stace & I exchanged some more mommy wars as our little guys played under a nearby booth!  

The day left me feeling overly blessed.  Blessed to have such great pals!  Blessed to have a sweet little boy!  And blessed to be a momma!  

It was an "Egg"cellent day I won't soon forget!

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  1. What a fun day Holly! Both boys are just darling! Memories!