Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fresh Picks!

I'm a sucker for smell goods.  I frequent Bath & Body Works quite often, & spend way too much money in there.  Wall flowers, body lotion, body sprays, room sprays, candles--you name it, I've got it!  But just the other day I went in & something else caught my sniffer!

The new FRESH PICKED hand soap scents!

I'm tellin' ya, these new scents are so yummy they could almost be good enough to eat!  My favorite fresh picks  are the:  FRESH PICKED STRAWBERRY, FRESH PICKED WATERMELON, & FRESH PICKED APPLE!  Every time I wash my hands I feel like I've walked through a fruit orchard!


Speaking of fruit orchards...does anyone know of any strawberry patches here in Kansas City?  We used to go strawberry picking when I was little, & I think it would be a fun adventure to take Jett & Jared on!

Anyhoo....go try these soaps!  Let me know whatcha think!


  1. I bought the apple and blueberry and I loved them. I actually need to stock up on some more this week. Good luck with the strawberries. Last year I made fresh jam and it was amazing.

  2. Oooo, that sounds so yummy, Kelli! My grandma used to make it & I would eat it by the spoonfuls! Mmmmm!!!