Saturday, May 7, 2011

Girls Night Out!

I've got some super awesome friends.

And Friday night I got to have a super awesome Girls Night Out with a couple of them!

Now, we all know that a Girls Night Out isn't complete without proper primping, right?  So before we ventured out for our night on the town, my good friend Amy {who also happens to be my hair stylist} put the finishing touches on my hair--pink & black feathers!  How fun!

We had a yummy dinner at Los Corrals.

{Sorry about the horrible quality of this photo.  There's a story behind it.  I'll just leave it at that.}

 And saw a chick flick {Water For Elephants} in the amazing suite at the AMC theatre downtown.

It was an absolute blast of an evening!  There's nothing like spending time with a couple of your best girl friends.  These two are most definitely my go-to girls.  I can always count on them to lift me up, encourage me, support me, pray for me, & of course, make me laugh until I pee my pants.  I soooo wish I was kidding about that last one.

Thanks for an awesome girls night out,  Stace & Aim!  My abs still hurt from all the laughing we did!  You girls are such precious friends to me, & I just have one last thing to say to you-- "DAAANG GINAS!!!"  Love you girls!


  1. you are awesome! I love you!!!! So much fun!!! =)=)=)=) You two are precious friends!!! =)=)=)

  2. Great job editing girl! Look at you go! Hahahaha! =)