Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

We went full force all weekend long with one thing & one thing only on our minds--the beautiful celebration of motherhood.

It all began on Saturday when we cruised on down to my home town to celebrate my momma! 

Mom requested an afternoon in the park, so an afternoon in the park it was!  

The tiny little town I'm from isn't anything to write home about, but one thing it does boast is a huge, beautiful, hilly park.  I grew up going to this park & it holds so many memories from my childhood & even teenage years.  I got a bit nostalgic watching my own little boy trample all over the green grassy park that I too, had once trampled across so many, many years before.

My mom brought along this little wagon for Jett to play with.  It's not a riding toy, but when he plopped his little diaper butt into it, Papa had to rig it up & turn it into one for him!  He's not rotten or anything.

We spent the day pic-nic-ing on a blanket, blowing soapy bubbles, zooming down shiny slides, & spinning ourselves dizzy on merry-go-rounds.  

We all had a really wonderful time, & I know that us making the little day trip to visit & spend the day with my mom, left her feeling truly celebrated.  

On Sunday morning, we were off to celebrate another special momma in our lives--Jared's mom!

Jared's mom invited all of us girls to walk in the Mother's Day 5k with her, & we all happily jumped on board!  

This was Jett's very first time to ride along during a 5k, so Coach & Gigi had to make sure he was dressed appropriately in a "My First 5k" t-shirt.  Again, he's not rotten or anything.

The 3.2 miles blew by in a blink with us chatting along the way, waving to our "cheering section" {aka: our husbands} as we passed by, & watching Jett eagerly take in the lively crowd of runners, walkers, & other babies strolling by.  

What a fun morning it had been!  We concluded it with a delicious brunch at First Watch, & then everyone headed off to other celebrations.  I know it meant the world to my mother in law to have all of her family with her for just a bit on Mother's Day.

Having had two really full days, the only request I had for my Mother's Day was to have a low key rest of the day with just my boys. 

Once we got home, Jared & Jett showered me with fun gifts, let me squeeze in an afternoon snooze,  cooked me a tasty dinner, & even cleaned up the mess afterwards.  I didn't have to lift a finger the entire afternoon/evening & it was pure bliss!  I most definitely felt spoiled, pampered, & treasured--just as every mother should on Mother's Day!

What a blessing of a weekend!  

I am blessed to have two women in my life-- Jared's mom & my own, to love, honor, & celebrate on Mother's Day.  

I am blessed that I have a little boy of my own who calls me "Momma" & takes me on this amazing journey called "motherhood".

And I'm blessed that I have two loves in my life, that  make me feel like a queen, not just on Mother's Day, but every single day of my life.  

May I never take these blessings for granted.

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