Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pretty little {kitchen} things

Good morning!

I'm going on my third cup of coffee this morning.  Not really because I love coffee all that much {usually one cup gives me a pretty decent case of the jitters}, but because I really like sipping it from this coffee mug.

It's cute, huh?

Just a little fyi--Anthropologie carries the cutest stuff to pretty up your kitchen.  When I stopped in there the other day & laid eyes on this one of a kind coffee cup, it was love at first sight!

I also got these little lovelies

My kitchen is sprinkled with all kinds of little odds & ends things that I have found here & there & everywhere, or that friends have given me as gifts through the years.   I absolutely love it when I stumble across something that screams "me" & is the perfect fit for the kitchen I use so much of.

Now, I realize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for spending lots of time in the kitchen.  But me?  I absolutely love getting my cook on.  I love trying new recipes, baking sugary treats, & learning little tricks from the tried & true "chefs" in my life {aka: Grandma, Mom, Aunt Elaine, Deb, Stacy-- just to name a few}.

Maybe I enjoy cooking so much because I've learned from watching my own grandmother & mother whip up homemade goodness right in their own kitchens. The feeling as though I'm carrying part of who they are & all that they brought to my life through their cooking, & sharing that with my own little family.

Maybe I enjoy it because it has become another avenue in which I can release some of my creativity.  I can add my own little spins on an already amazing recipe, or I can start from scratch & see what I come up with.  Either way, at the end I can stand back proudly as I observe the masterpiece I've created {or sometimes throw it in the trash & start all over}.

Maybe it's because it's a way I get to show my love to the people I care about.  I can bake up cupcakes for friends, a meal for a new mom who needs a night off from cooking, or simply dinner every single night, where I get to watch my boys gobble up whatever dish I just spent time preparing for them.

Or maybe, just maybe the reason I like cooking so much, is because I have a kitchen that feels pretty.

I love my kitchen.  I love the vibrant color that it is.  I love the light that pours through the window above the sink.

But mostly, I love all of the little details-- the beautiful little dishes I have collected,  the detailed dish towels I hesitate to use because I feel like they're just too darn pretty to get dirty, the many aprons that I get to dress up in & have a hard time choosing from, the custom recipe book that I use almost daily, the fun mixing bowls, colanders, & cooking utensils that are housed in drawers & shelves & canisters.

It's all of these pretty little {kitchen} things that make my kitchen a place I love to use.  A place that is all my own!


  1. Hey there! Love your "pretty little kitchen things"! And please tell me about your custom recipe book...and how I can get one. : )

    For me to enjoy my time in the kitchen, it helps to be planned out ahead. That means spending lots of time perusing the grocery sales ads, planning weeks worth of menus, then making my grocery list. Takes time, but much better than the frantic 5:00 panic/rush to figure out what's for dinner! The tough part for me is choosing my menus...it takes me forever to decide!

    Anyway, not sure why I felt the need to tell you all that, but oh well, there you go. : )

  2. Please tell us about that cute little recipe book!!!