Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday happenings

We had a whole entire weekend planned out.  It was going to be a no work/all play kind of weekend.  A weekend that would have a revolving door of friends streaming steadily through it.

But if you're a parent, then you know the truth in the saying, "the only thing you can truly plan for, is that nothing will go as planned".  Unfortunately, we came nose to nose with that little truth in the wee hours of the night as our Jett Jett got sick half way through our grand planned weekend.   All of our big ideas for a Sunday Funday fizzled out fast.

But Saturday?  It went exactly as planned.  Perhaps even better.

We took a little jaunt & spent the day up north with some of our great friends.  The Zona Rosa shopping area was having a "Kids Fest", so we jumped right in on all of the fun!

The kids had a ball!  They forewent their naps to slide down slides, jump in bounce houses, & wait in line for face painting.

These two were quite the pair.

They swapped snacks at lunchtime,

were partners in crime at Baby Gap,

kissed & hugged & loved on each other the entire day,

then hit a wall & tuckered out.

The daddies pushed strollers that were loaded down with bundled babies, purses, & shopping bags {what great husbands we have}.

And the mommies did what we do best--  chatted, chatted, & chatted some more!

It was an awesome Saturday, filled with all of the things a Saturday should be full of--great friends, good food, & loads & loads of fun!

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