Tuesday, June 7, 2011

16 Months

Jett turned 16 months old this past week & he is in total toddler mode.

Here's a little update on what it's like with a toddler running around this house.

* Our "tank"
There's a reason we call him our "tank".  Just yesterday at his 16 month old appointment, he weighed in at a whopping 25.14 pounds {putting him in the 65th percentile for weight} & measured 33 inches in length {putting him in the 90th percentile for height}.  He's never been little, but it makes us laugh that such a big kid came from two parents who are pretty small.  I'm pretty sure if his height keeps creeping up that growth chart, that my husband is going to ask for a DNA test.

* Our "little elephant"
This kid loves to make animal noises.  He's got a dog, cow, horse, & monkey sound down pat, but his all time favorite animal sound to make is the elephant sound.  He runs around the house constantly throwing that little head of his back & making the cutest little "Phhhhhh" sound.  Amongst all of his other little nicknames, I've now started calling him my "little elephant".

* Pucker up
He has just recently graduated from the big slobbery open mouth kisses to actually puckering up & leaning in to lock lips.  Sometimes, if he's not really feeling it, he'll lean in & give a cheek or a forehead.  I know I'm a tad partial, but I'm tellin' ya, there's nothing sweeter than a Jett Jett kiss.

* Operation Destruction
I don't know if it's a boy thing, or if it's just my boy, but this kid likes to destroy stuff.  He raids drawers, cabinets, toy boxes, magazines...the list goes on & on.  And it's not that he's interested in what's inside the drawers, cabinets, & toy boxes.  He is interested in making the biggest mess he possibly can.  Take the kitchen drawer that's full of lids, for example.  He sails those lids across the kitchen like nobody's business!   Same with the sock drawer.  He will fling pair after pair of socks over his shoulder, stopping only after the entire drawer has been emptied.  Once he's cleared that drawer, it's on to the next one!  He keeps this momma busy, that's for sure.   Oh, & don't even get me started on the toilet paper rolls.

* Prayer Warrior
Every evening before eating our dinner, we hold hands, bow our heads, & pray.  Even though Jett doesn't understand what we are doing just yet, he loves to be a part of it.  Right after I sit him in his highchair & Jared & I sit down at the table, he reaches those two little hands out for us to grab, & we join hands & pray before our meal.  One evening we were waiting on Jared to come to the table, so I thought I'd just give him a quick bite while we were waiting.  Just as quickly as I put the spoon in his mouth, he spit it out, shook his head "no", & held out his hands to pray first.  Of course my heart melted.

* Finicky about Fruit
You all know by now that this kid hates fruit {with the exception of bananas}.  And you also know that I've tried everything.  Well, so I thought.
Turns out, if the fruit comes in a squeezable bag that he can hold all by himself, then it tastes a whole lot better.  Who knew?  I have purchased every single flavor combination on the market & it's the same reaction every time...he sucks it right down.  Problem solved!

* Little Linus
He's always been attached to some sort of small soft blankie before he goes to sleep, but has never been picky about a specific one.  Well here lately, there's one in particular that he doesn't let leave his side.  He drags his little blue monkey blankie with him all through the house, to Sunday school, & to bed with him every single night.  I had to go out & buy another one so that I can rotate them for washings.  

* Slugger
It has begun.  He knows how to hit.  The first time he did it to me, I thought surely he was just playing. But then he did it again, only this time with a bold look on his face & a loud jibber jabber accompanying it.  When I firmly told him, "We do not hit.  We show love", he wrapped his arms around me, laid his head on my shoulder, & gave me the sweetest hug.  This is a new game for him now.  He'll come up & hit, then quickly follow up with a hug to keep his little butt out of trouble.  Oh boy.

* Jumping Jelly Beans
Okay, so he can't really jump, but don't tell him that.  Because he totally thinks he can.  Every time we tell him to jump, he either stamps one foot over & over, or squats down really low, then pops up with every bit of might he has, just hoping all that effort will lift him off the ground.  It is absolutely adorable, & I just love watching how proud he is of himself once he's all finished showing us his skills.

* Mind your manners
You know that little "Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh" noise kids make when they want something?   Well, it drives Jared nuts.  So DaddyBoy took matters into his own hands & looked up the sign for "please" in our baby sign language book. He has now successfully taught Jett how to sign for "please" when he wants our help or wants us to get him something.  We haven't completely eliminated the "Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh's", but we are definitely chipping away at them. 
{This is him doing the sign for "more"}

* Tough guy
My boy is tough.  You won't hear him whining because water splashed up into his face, or because he fell down & got scraped up.  He is one tough kid.  The other evening while he was racing his push toy across the drive way {wearing shorts & going about a hundred miles per hour}, the inevitable happened.  He fell & scraped up his knee.  I took one look & sure enough, there was blood already flowing from it,  & while I anxiously waited for the tears, they never came.  Not even a whimper or a whine.  He got up off the concrete, kicked his leg out to the side, & gave a little "ughh", & was ready to zoom off again.  Even though I was on the verge of tears because my little boy had a bloody knee {I know, I've got to suck it up}, I couldn't help but be proud that my little Jett is no sissy boy.  

* Fillin' In The Gaps
He's got more teeth coming through!  The top canines are popping through & his bottom gums have lots of swelling, so they should be showing up any day now, as well.  He has been a champ at teething, & this momma is thankful.

* Smarty Pants
I know everyone thinks their kid is smarter than all of the others.  But I know mine is!  Ahh, I'm just playin'. Honestly, I don't get caught up in trying to compare him with every other kid his age.  I don't try to push him to the next milestone.  I love him right where he's at. I try to savor the phases he's in & not rush through them. The milestones are gonna come on their own.  Now, that doesn't mean I don't teach him.  I have a teaching degree, for goodness sake's.  Of course there is teaching going on.  I just don't stress about trying to make him the most advanced kid on the block.  I think he's a smart, social, well rounded kid & I believe the sole reason for that is because we create a loving, secure home that he can thrive in.  So with that said, here's what he's up to.

Words-- momma, dada, duck, no, hot, ball, done.  He doesn't say a ton of words, really.  But that doesn't mean he's not talking.  Kid talks all day long.  We just can't make out what he's saying.  Ha!

He can show us his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, & can point them out on us or his stuffed animals.

He understands so much of what we say.  Sometimes it amazes us just how much he is absorbing.
{showing us his hair}

* Mr. Personality
Jared & I absolutely LOVE our Jett Jett's personality.  Laid back?  No way.  Fiesty, spunky, fiery, stubborn, determined, full of attitude, social, independent, & charming?  Now, that's more like it.  Even though we would never consider him an "easy" child, we wouldn't trade his little demeanor for anything. He keeps us on our toes, keeps us on our parenting "game", & keeps us laughing every single day.

I know I say it at every single stage he goes through, but I think I really mean it this time.  This is my favorite age.  We are amazed at how he is changing & developing right before our very eyes & how he is coming into his own with ideas & thoughts that all belong to him.  He is funny & smart & brings more to our lives than we ever dreamt possible.

Are there days that I want to to rip all my hair out & throw myself right next to him on the floor while he throws a toddler tantrum?  You betcha.

But those days pale in comparison to the days I laugh my head off,  melt into love puddles, & ooze with unconditional love for this little toddler that I get to call my own.

Having a toddler running around the house is truly the most fun I've ever had.

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