Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sprinkled with activity, peppered with relaxation, & seasoned to perfection.

That pretty much describes our little getaway this past weekend.

When Jared & I sat down to map out our summer plans, something we felt was important to include in all of our summer fun were some "grandparent trips".  Both sets of our parents are such an important piece of our lives, & we want Jett to not only have amazing childhood memories with us, but also with the grandparents that adore him so very much.  

So first up for a fun filled "grandparent trip" were Coach & Gigi.

Destination: Branson!

It really was an awesome trip.  We packed three days full of all kinds of fun & activity, yet also managed to balance it out with some much needed rest & relaxation.

We spent our mornings out on the deck, sipping coffee & watching golfers in the distance.

We splashed our afternoons away in the pool just steps away from our condo.

We cruised "the strip".

We spent our evenings curled up in blankets, laughing at funny movies, & indulging in great big bowls of ice cream.

{the two biggest kids in the entire park}
We took naps as needed.

We hit up Silver Dollar City.

We all took our turn at riding round & round on kiddie rides.

And we paused for just a moment when it actually hit us that we're now on the other side of this whole family vacationing thing.  We're not the carefree kids running all over the place, pointing out everything we want to do & everywhere we want to go, just savoring sweet childhood.

No, we're the ones doing the planning & packing & organizing, all for the sole purpose of making sure our kiddo has a summer to remember.  All for the sake of watching our boy run to & fro, a great big grin stretched across his face, soaking up all the fun a little boy can possibly soak up in one day.

And while vacationing was fun as a kid,

it's even better as a parent. 

Don't believe us?

Just ask the grandparents.

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