Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Life

So the {relatively} new One Republic Song?  I dig it.

So much so, that I've deemed it my theme song for the summer.

Because I can't even count the number of times this summer that I've caught myself saying, "Man, this is the life."

You see, this little stay at home mom gig I signed up for almost a year & a half ago has turned out to have one really big perk.  It's called Summertime.

I promised myself long before Summer ever rolled around that we were gonna have the best one anybody could possibly dream of.

I promised to fill our days full of sunshine & gobs upon gobs of fun.  To hit up every aquamarine pool out there & splish & splash to our hearts desire.  To cruise the town with the sunroof popped & the windows down, feeling bathing suit straps flap against my sunkissed shoulders.  To glance into the rearview mirror to find my favorite little summer dude jammin' to some cranked up summertime tunes.  To sip on LemonBerry slushes & CherryLimeaids & wince my way through the brain freezes. To end our evenings out on the deck slurping syrupy, sugary ice lollies {also known as popsicles}.  To meet up with friends at parks & pools for hours of playdate fun.  To carve out a chunk of afternoon for nice long naps.  To spend less time on housework & more time sucking every bit of daylight out of clear blue skies.  To eat our food grilled & to enjoy our desserts frozen.  To live up every summer moment we've got.

It has been one promise I've had NO problem holding true to.  All those things I promised myself we'd do?  We're doin' em'.  And we really are having the best darn summer anyone could ever dream of.

Seriously, this has gotta be the good life.

Could someone tell me-e-e-e what there's to complain about?

*cue cheesy whistling*


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  2. I love the pics of you and your husband running through the sprinkler with your son :)

    You certainly have a way with words! Very descriptive.