Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Hubby The Half Marathoner

I must say, I'm a pretty proud wife.

This morning, my husband "conquered the hill".  Hospital Hill, that is.

Hospital Hill is one of the most well known races here in Kansas City.  One of the things it's known most for is that it's not for wimps.  The course is difficult, hilly {duh}, & you've got to be in pretty great shape if you plan to finish it.

After a few months of training & a great big pasta supper the night before the big race, Jared, along with Sean, a great friend to our family, were all set & ready to run their big race.

Can I just take a moment to brag on this husband of mine?  The guy is a freak of nature.  He runs super fast, can pick up any sport & make it look like he's played it his whole life, & can run circles around most guys his own age.  Let's face hubby can run faster than your hubby.  I'm just sayin'.  When he told me he was going to start training for a half marathon just a few months ago, I wasn't the least bit surprised.  And I knew that not only would he run it, but that he would rock it.  And rock it he did.

Deb {Sean's mom & one of my dearest friends}, Jett, & I cheered the guys on from the sidelines & got all teary eyed when we heard their names announced over the loudspeakers as their legs took those final strides across that finish line.

I couldn't be more proud to have a husband that takes such great care of himself.  A husband that makes it a point to live a lifestyle that is healthy.  A husband that encourages those around him to live the same kind of lifestyle & pushes them when they question whether they've got what it takes or not.  And most importantly, a husband that is teaching our son to be active & healthy & to have a whole bunch of fun while doing it.  He has set a wonderful example & is a true role model in mine & Jett's life.  We are honored to be his little cheering section in all he does in this life.

To my hubby the half marathoner--

Congratulations on completing your very first half marathon-- "Hospital Hill"!  What an absolutely amazing accomplishment.  I know this is just another stepping stone in the path you are on, & I'm excited to see all the different places those crazy fast legs of yours are going to take you.  We are thrilled for this journey in your life & Jett & I will always be right there by your side supporting & cheering you on!  We love you so very, very much.

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  1. That's a pretty big accomplishment...way to go. No doubt that your hubby can run faster than mine :) Love the signs!