Monday, June 13, 2011


Two years ago, when Jared & I whisked off to Mexico for our five year anniversary, there were several things I was expecting.

I was expecting seven whole days of complete & utter relaxation.  I was expecting the lazy days of floating on a pink raft just outside our swim up suite.  I was expecting the long walks on the powdery white beaches, my hand in my husband's.  I was expecting the romantic dinners & the afternoons spent dozing off in the beach beds. I expected the golden bronze tan that I would turn by the end of our week long stay.  I was even expecting the little something extra I would be returning home with; a little something that would later be confirmed by two pink lines on a home pregnancy test.

But there was something from our anniversary trip to Mexico that I was not expecting.  Something that came as a complete surprise.  Something that was the cherry on top of the great big, already absolutely delicious hot fudge sunday we were devouring.

That something was a friendship.

A friendship we'd made with another couple who happened to be staying at the same resort as us that week.  A friendship that blossomed & flourished in a matter of seven days & one we felt like we'd had our entire lives.  A friendship, that after saying all of our good-byes & exchanging every bit of contact information, we promised we'd keep alive.

This past weekend seemed like a good enough time as any to jump in the car for a little roadtrip to visit those friends of ours.

And this time, instead of sitting poolside sipping fruity drinks, we spent time snuggling each other's babies.

Instead of dining on gourmet dinners out on the beach, we sat out on the deck underneath the stars sharing pregnancy wars & sleeping through the night techniques, while the quiet hum of a baby monitor buzzed in the background.

Instead of floating leisurely on rafts underneath the Mexican sun, we made memories with our kiddos at a nearby waterpark.

And we spent every single moment pouring out our lives, catching up, & filling in all of the in between.

This view sure is different than the one the four of us had just a couple of years ago.  It's amazing how much can change in such little time.  

I'm glad to know that there's one thing that has stayed the same in the midst of all our life changing events, & that's the real, true, genuine friendship that we share.

I'm also thankful that the only thing that stands between keeping that friendship alive is a long stretch of highway & a little thing called a roadtrip.

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  1. :) I love you three...I had my mom read your blog last night...It gave her chills!! We both agree you're a beautiful writer and an all around beautiful person! <3 <3 <3