Thursday, June 2, 2011

School's Out For Summer

Remember the feeling of being a kid on the last day of school?  

Emptying out the remains of that little metal desk, which usually only consisted of dwindled down crayons & nub pencils with practically no erasers left to them.  Finding an old stale snack way back in the back that had been forgotten about.  Peeling off the name tag that had been stuck & re-stuck to the desk surface over & over again throughout the school year.  Or how about that mountain of papers the teacher sent home, comprised of art work, spelling tests, & stacks upon stacks of worksheets. 

Remember standing there, all lined up at the door, a backpack hurled over one shoulder as the anticipation & excitement built & built.  Watching the red hand on the clock crawl by, knowing that only one thing was standing in between yourself & sweet freedom.  That final 3 o' clock bell.

And once that bell rang it's glorious ring, shouts & hollers echoed throughout the halls as children of all ages bursted out of the classroom, & into the afternoon heat!

Well my friends, it's that time of year again.  

School's out for Summer!

And I just so happen to know several little boys who are pretty darn excited about it.

We're pretty excited too.  It means we get to spend more time with the cutest curly headed boys in town.

Because whether you're a school aged kid waiting for that final bell to ring, a 16 month old running wild with his cousins {Excuse me, did I say cousins?  I meant "god brothers}, or a momma watching her boys splash in the summer sun,  Summer is something to get excited about.

Happy Summer!

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