Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Duper

Sopping bathing suits still puddled on the floor of the bathroom, beach towels draped over the back deck, dirty grilling utensils strung along the patio table, a dishwasher that is packed to the brim just waiting to be run, & a mountain of laundry I'm pretty sure I'll never see the end of.

All evidence of a super duper weekend.

{Papa & Grandma had to see for themselves this slipper slide business we've been telling them about}

With all the traveling we've been doing lately, it was so nice to have a weekend at home just letting all of our worries fade away, kicking back & filling our days with laughter, & having a home full of people we love & treasure.

{standing in Papa's work boots}

Between trips to the local pool, grilling out & eating til we were stuffed & miserable, being bossed around by a little toddler who insisted on giving his grandparents a run for their money, & staying up with my little brother into the wee hours of the night hearing all of the new changes in his life, I'd say it all added up to one big super duper weekend. 

And even though Monday morning is here & I'm up to my ears in messes, it honestly isn't bugging me like it normally would.

'Cause super duper weekends are worth every bit of mess they trail behind.

Happy Monday!

Hope you had yourself a super duper weekend!

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