Monday, July 25, 2011

Mr. Mom

He drives me nuts sometimes.  He loads the dishwasher to the brim, but forgets to hit the start button.  He leaves socks & underwear scattered all over the floor.  He puts food that has been left out overnight back into the fridge.  He eats all of the yummy snacks that I have in the pantry & leaves none for me--even the ones I hide in the very back.

But really, that's all I've got to complain about.  When it comes right down to it, I've got a husband that is truly one in a million & I know it.

And this past weekend, he reminded me once again just how great of a guy he is.  He reminded me of the devoted husband he is.  He reminded me of the dedicated father he is.  And he reminded me of why my love runs so deep for him.

I got sick last thursday, & in the days following, things just got progressively worse.

While I've been laid up on the couch, my husband has been left to tend to everything.  And I do mean everything.  

He's done the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, prescription pick ups, diaper changes, bath time routine, bedtime routine, & no-notice errand running.  I've watched him schlep grocery bags into the house with a baby on one hip & sweat pouring from his brow.  I've watched him juggle preparing dinner with having an energetic toddler pulling at his leg to go outside & play. I've watched him squeeze in work emails & schedule conference calls around Jett's nap time.  And I have seen the worry in his eyes while he sat across from me in the Emergency Room, just hoping for answers that would assure I would be feeling better soon.

He has raced around this house like a chicken with its head cut off, doing anything & everything to keep our daily lives running smooth.  And while I know that he must be worn out, you wouldn't know it by his attitude.  Not one time has he complained, not one time has he gotten grumpy, not one time has he acted like there's anywhere else in the world he'd rather be.

Shoot, I'm beginning to wonder if he's better at this whole mom thing than I am!

I've said it before & I'll say it again- I don't know how I would live this life without Jared.  He's the husband of my dreams, a father that is the best I've ever seen, & a Mr. Mom that would make any housewife swoon!

I'm praying that while our Mr. Mom jets off on a business trip for the next couple of days,  that he will be able to get some much deserved rest & relaxation in the evenings--maybe order room service, rent a movie, go for a run-- just do something for himself.  In fact, I think I'll see to it that he does just that.  Momma's orders!

So, the next time I push start on the dishwasher that never got run, the next time I pick up a pair of socks that were left scattered on the floor, the next time I go for a favorite snack & it's already been devoured with not even so much as a crumb left for me, I think I'll stop & count the blessing that my husband is & all that he does for this family, rather than complaining about the few things he does that drives me crazy.

Thank you, Jared--for loving us with every bit of your being, for showering us with kisses & hugs throughout the day, & for having such a cheerful, giving heart.

Thank you for filling the shoes of Mr. Mom when I couldn't fill mine as "momma".

**I also would like to take a moment to thank some other special people in our lives who have galloped in to our rescue & helped to keep our lives up & running--

Jared's parents-- for coming to play with Jett yesterday while we could go to the hospital.  You happily dropped your plans & rushed over to save the day.  Words can't express how grateful we are to have family so close & so willing to help.

Deb-- for meeting us at the hospital & playing the role of our "honorary momma".  When we told you we were headed to the ER, it wasn't even a question in your mind that you would meet us there.  What a picture of Jesus you are.  Plus, I know those doctors & nurses babied me just a tad more because they saw a familiar face sitting there next to me *wink*. 

My mom & dad-- for swooping in to spend the next few days with me & Jett while Jared is traveling for work.  There's nobody in the world that can make you feel better like your own parents can & we are blessed that you are taking the time to help us out. ** 

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