Friday, July 8, 2011

Pool Day

When the sky is boasting a hue of bright blue & the sun is radiantly perched up high with not a single cloud obstructing its rays, you know what that means...

Pool day!

Jett & I have become quite the 'regulars' at the pool here lately.  And not just one single pool.  We're hittin' em' all this summer!

We load up our pool bag with all the pool day essentials: towels, sunblock, plenty of water, & snacks.

Once we step through that front pool gate, we are greeted with the distinct aroma of Coppertone, the shrieks & squeals of carefree children, & of course, dear friends.

'Cause what's a pool day without friends?

Once inside, we hit the ground running.  Organized chaos, I like to call it.  We chase after one another's slippery babies, we lure them away from the pool with snacks, drinks & sometimes lollipops just so that we can catch a breather, & we play referee to the kids who are trying to cut in line at the froggy slide.   You would not believe the 'momma bear' that comes out of little ol' me at that gosh darn froggy slide.  All of those poor kids are afraid of me.  Don't jack with my kid, I'm just sayin'.

We catch our kids as they spring off the side of the pool & into our arms {with zero notice}, we correct them when they are poking another kids eye out, we bolt after them when their tiny footsteps go buzzing off in the direction of the deep end, we gracefully pick them up & escort them out when their meltdowns start to become a spectacle, & once in awhile, by the sheer grace of God, we capture a couple of photos of the day.

Crazy?  Absolutely.

Worth it?  You'd better believe it.

Because as draining as it all seems, as hectic as it truly is, there's just something that makes it all worth it when you glance in the rearview mirror on the way home to find a happy little boy who's just had one heck of a fun filled day.  {The nice long nap he takes after a pool day ain't too shabby, either.}

If you ask us, nothing says "summer" like a good old fashioned pool day!

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