Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Project Craftroom

Remember that amazing craft room my hubby surprised me with for my 30th?

Well, I'm quite ashamed to admit it, but the truth is, I haven't done much with it.  I mean, I've used it a few times, but nothing like I had dreamed I would.

And I think I've figured out why...

'Cause it's not beautified yet.

I haven't taken the time to make it pretty.  I haven't added punches of color & splashes of design.  I haven't spruced it up the way I have the rest of the rooms in my home.  I haven't given it the attention that it deserves.  And with the holidays just around the corner, & in six months, a big two year old birthday bash to plan {yes I'm a nut.  I plan that far in advance}, I want to have a space to craft in that I absolutely love.  A space that screams "me".  A space that I have to pry myself away from because I simply love the energy that it exudes.

A space like this:

Seriously, isn't this adorable?  It's Little Miss Momma's craftroom, & I am wiping drool off my face as I type.  It has given me a little giddy in my step & has inspired me to get busy making my own craft room a space that is nothing less than stunning.

{For more photos of Little Miss Momma's craft room, go here.  But be prepared, she is darling, her blog is darling,  & you will be sucked in for hours.  Don't say I didn't warn you.}

Well, I am pleased to say that "Project Craftroom" got rollin' yesterday evening.

I've decided that I'm going to take this room slow--small steps--one project at a time.  I tend to get ahead of myself sometimes by desiring for everything to be done all at once & it almost always leads to a complete shut down {sometimes meltdown} on my part.

So last night I started with something simple.

My craft room chair.

I dragged this old thing out of our storage space under the stairs, gave it a good look up & down & decided it's got charm.

Once it's sanded, painted {I'm thinking pale pink or aqua...what do you think?}, & dolled up with a frilly cushion or pillow, it'll be a craft room chair that's suitable to sit in!

If all goes as planned, I'll be debuting a super sweet seat here soon!  Stay tuned!

**If you have any great suggestions for paint color, frilly pillows, or just some fun craft room inspiration, send it my way!  I'd love to see what inspires you!}**


  1. i love littlemissmomma.... such a fun little blog. yours is also just a fun and just as cute =) can't wait to see what you plan to do with your craft room!... that chair does have CHARM. love it. i think white with aqua & pink seat cushion.

  2. cuuuuuuute.

    jenna duty