Thursday, July 21, 2011

sick happenings

Well, after seven days of feeling really crummy, I finally took my sorry butt to the doctor today.

Does anyone else do this--suffer through until you just can't stand it any longer & then finally decide it's time to get the problem taken care of?  I don't know what it is about me, if I'm trying to prove something to myself, if it's my stubbornness coming out, thinking I can conquer it on my own, or if it's the fact that I just really hate popping any kind of pill, but I will stew & stew & stew before I'll just take something or call the doctor.  Weird, I know.  It drives my husband absolutely batty.  He's always the first to suggest I go to the doctor the second that I tell him I'm not feeling well.  He's also the first one to pop a pill when he even thinks he might be coming down with something.  He's got a medicine cabinet stocked to the brim of decongestants, nasal sprays, ibuprofen, tylenol, throat sprays, allergy medicines- you name it, he's got it.   So my little quirk of suffering it out...he so doesn't get it.

But that didn't stop my sweetheart of a husband from rushing home to save the day when I called him this morning in a complete panic.

I get dizzy spells from time to time {I've got ear problems & what my doctor believes to be Vertigo}, but today's spell was a doozy & just about knocked me off my feet.  Literally.  The room was spinning in circles & I could barely walk without stumbling all over the place.  Beads of sweat started pouring from my face, & all of a sudden I felt nauseous {No, I am not pregnant...although it kinda felt like it this morning}.

Probably a good time to go ahead & get that doctor's appointment scheduled, dontcha think?

Being the husband that Jared is, he dropped everything, came home from work to drive me to my appointment, & never even uttered so much as an "I told ya so".

So here I sit, curled up on the couch in my favorite sweats, popping pills left & right{so much for my big plans of toughing it out, huh?}, & looking forward to days ahead when I'm not feeling {& looking} like this:

Oh, & next time I feel sick, I think I'll put my bull-headedness on hold & go ahead & listen to that hubster of mine the FIRST time he suggests that I take my butt to the doctor.  {Yes Jared, you have that in writing *wink}. No more of this toughing it out business.

Happy Thursday, friends!  Here's to hopes for a happier, healthier Friday.

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  1. sick but still looking soo beautiful...must be hard! ;) Love you girlie!! Get better soon!!