Saturday, August 20, 2011

Date Night

We always tell ourselves we're gonna make the time.  Schedule an evening once a month where we take a few hours for just the two of us. Where diaper changes & tantrums aren't at the forefront of our minds, but are replaced with uninterrupted dinners, lighthearted laughter, & conversations we haven't had opportunity to dive into.  

But then things like parenthood & wiping noses & butts takes priority & our once a month dreams of simply pursuing one another get buried in all the rubble of life.

It hit me the other night as I was headed out the door with a couple of my girlfriends when I totally caught my husband checking me out.  I was all dolled up, hair curled, high heels on, & lipstick applied.  He kissed me good-bye & he looked just a little longer than he usually does.  

Which made me blush....& think.  

When was the last time that I got all dressed up with him & only him in mind?  Not for church, not for a girls night out, not to go on a double date with our friends, but for him.  I was floored when I actually did the math & came up with three months. Yikes.  That's too long. 

I've said it before, that I believe marriage is sacred; something that is to be valued, treasured, protected, & nurtured.  I believe it's the fun, the laughter, the silly & goofy that glide a couple through the bumps, bruises, & heartaches that also come along with marriage from time to time.  And I believe that once a marriage stops being a priority, it begins losing strength & energy & potential.  I want my husband to know that he's still the one, that he's always going to be the one.  The one I want to feel beautiful for, the one I want to check me out, & the one I want to make me blush.  And if a date night once a month is going to help keep that flame burning, help us to regroup as a couple, & help us to grow stronger & closer, then I'd say it's pretty important that 'date night' becomes a top priority in our busy schedules.

So tonight I'll glaze on a couple coats of nail polish.

{I am in love with this nail color.  It's called 'Power Clutch'}

I'll trade in my frumpy sweats {that I wear much too often} for a cute outfit.  I'll take my hair out of the usual sloppy ponytail it resides in & I'll curl it. 

And I'll slip into some cute high heels, of course.

And all of this I'll do with one person & one person only in mind--my husband.

I gotta run!  It's date night & I've got me a handsome hubby to pursue!


  1. I hope you have a great time. Date nights are so important!!!

  2. Date Night with my beautiful Pippa was amazing! I am so lucky to have such a gorgeous wife that gets all dressed up for a hot date. I still get giddy, and smile so big when I have her at my side. To this day I thank our heavenly father for the blessing he gave me.
    Love you,