Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Haircut

I've been putting it off for months.

I made the appointment & considered canceling it about fifteen times or so.

But in my heart I knew that the time had finally come to set aside that selfish part of me that yearns so deeply for my son to remain a baby, & dig down deep & muster up the responsible parent that dwells within me.

I did it.  I bit the bullet.

And Jett got his very first haircut.

Say goodbye to the infamous "rat tail".

Jared & I were so proud of our little boy.  He sat there in that hairdresser chair & although a bit somber, was so very brave.

He only got weepy a couple of times, but don't worry, it was nothing a bubble gum flavored dum dum couldn't cure.

Those very first fine locks that sprouted from his little baby head months ago are no longer perched upon the top of his noggin anymore, but instead are now sealed away in a crisp, white envelope, dated, & ready to be tucked away inside his baby book.

Milestones...they're a killer, aren't they?

He's sporting a brand new "do"-- all trimmed & tailored.  Quite handsome, if I do say so myself.

As much as I'd like to hold onto my baby for dear life & attempt to keep him little for as long as I possibly can, he's much like those wild wispy strands of hair of his.  He's meant to grow & he's meant to sprout.  I can turn my head, pretend that I don't see it or that it isn't happening right before my eyes {like I did with his crazy hair} or I can embrace it, embrace the little boy that my once little baby is growing into.

Here's to embracing.

{Thank you, Amy for doing the honors of our boy's first haircut. We love you!}


  1. Oh my!!! The last pic...Jett = Jared ~all the way!!! He is looking more and more like his daddy!!! <3

  2. Jenni--It's true...he is beginning to look more & more like his DaddyBoy. I suppose that's okay...his daddy is pretty darn cute ;)

    Jared--why are you posting anonymously? Creeper, lol.

  3. it was my pleasure! love that lil guy! :)

  4. Hahaha!! Who's the creeper, even calling himself Daddy boy....poser! hehe jk...such a beautiful family! <3