Friday, August 19, 2011


XANADU:  True love & the ability to create & share art.

And if that's not cheesy enough for you, add to it a disco ball, leg warmers, greek gods, glitzy costumes, & rollerskates.  Oh, & be sure to set it all to some really tacky 80's music.

Cheesy or not, it totally rocked.

I'll be honest.  I'm a real sucker for musicals.  Would you believe that I even performed in a few back in my high school days?  {Yeah, not so sure how I landed any part in any musical considering I have a pretty terrible voice, but okay??} And on top of that, I just might know all of the lyrics to the "High School Musical" movies. I said, might, okay?  Don't you dare judge me.

So when my bestie called me up last minute & said she had tickets at Starlight to see the musical "XANADU--a stage spoof of the really bad 80's movie", I didn't hesitate before exclaiming, "Oh yeah!"  It didn't matter that I had never even heard of "XANADU" in my entire life. Spending an evening out with my best gal pal was reason enough to say yes!

We had an absolute ball.  I found myself on the edge of my seat during some of the big performances, & I wiped tears from my eyes a couple of times from laughing so hard.  Plus, Stacy & I learned some pretty sweet moves from one particular character in the show.  We're saving those moves to whip out for our husbands one of these days, isn't that right Stace *wink*?  Oh goodness, Im still laughing when I think about it.

Obviously, it was a great night.  Spending an evening out, slipping away from our 'mommy duties', a chance to laugh our heads off, & giggling at the end of the evening about how we'll one day be little old ladies, still teaming up & venturing out for our fun Girls Night Out dates.

Every girl needs a BFF that she can share life with.  I'm so lucky to have snagged the best one there is!

Love you, Stace.  Thanks for an awesome evening!

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