Monday, September 19, 2011

Day Trip

Jett Jett & I were needing a shift in pace, a change in scenery.  Coloring with chalk on the driveway was becoming dull & boring & our local park was losing it's luster.  We needed something that was out of our normal, ordinary routine.

What we needed was a day trip.  

So Friday morning, we strapped into our seat belts, & we watched the city, with it's big buildings & four lane interstates, fade away into our rearview mirror as we cruised closer & closer to the tiny little town that I grew up in. 

A day trip "home" was in order!

The moment we stepped out of our car, we were instantly greeted by two of our biggest fans, who cheerfully cleared their schedules to hang out with us & make our little day trip truly fabulous.

And what a truly fabulous day trip it was.  We dined at our local Pizza Hut, where we bumped into a high school friend & her little boy {so great to see you, Shelly!}, some old high school teachers of mine, & some members from the church I went to my whole life {that's what I absolutely love about a small town--you can't go anywhere without seeing someone who whisks you off to memory lane}.  

Getting to show off my little Jett Jett was a great big bonus!

We had adventures in the park, only this time it was a park we weren't completely sick of seeing. This park had speed lightning slides that would flip you backwards & send your hair whipping in the wind--which just so happened to be little "Evel Knievel's" cup of tea!

We found tunnels to scoot through & we discovered acorns of all different shapes & sizes.

Meatball & his best buddy for the day, strolled all around the park, hand in hand, only stopping to watch the big yellow trucks moving & loading dirt in the distance.

After our park adventures, we headed downtown to do some shopping in the quaint little stores that line up Main Street {& to sneak in & take a peak at the new ENVY baby boutique that just opened up-you girls rock!}  Grandma spoiled the little Jett man up {like she ALWAYS does} with all sorts of stylish new accessories for the Fall.

And then we called it a day.

Well, almost.

We needed a cherry to add to the top of our super awesome day trip.  And let me tell you, Dairy Queen did not disappoint.  Just ask Meatball...he chowed down on his first very own Oreo Blizzard!  Kid's got a sweet tooth like his Daddyboy's.

We really did have the best day.  No plans, no agendas, no schedules--we tossed all those out the window as we buzzed into town.  

Just pure fun, just flying by the seat of our pants, just something we're gonna have to do A LOT more often.  

We hadn't even made it out of town when I looked in the rearview to see a konked out little boy & a small town getting smaller with each passing mile.

As we hopped on the interstate & were surrounded once again by big, towering buildings, I smiled.  Thankful to be home again, thankful to have a "home" to go & visit, thankful for such an amazing day trip.  


  1. Great pic! Glad to see you got to come home! I see your momma every now and then at Wal-Mart! There are some new toys at fisher park for the next time you come that are very very fun to play on! Just a little heads up for your next trip! Maybe we will see you sometime..Take care, Katie

  2. Love the pics, especially the one with his mouth wide open..I can just hear him screaming & laughing..Cute..