Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Burlap Banner {giveaway!}

My craft room is wreck.  There are remnants of fabric thrown all over the place, loose threads mingling everywhere, & a whole slew of crafting supplies that need to be tucked neatly back into their proper nooks.

But I'm not complaining.  Because that great big mess?  It's a good thing.

It's a good thing because that disaster area of mine is proof of creativity set free.  Ideas once trapped inside my head {& inside the boards of my Pinterest account} have now emerged from my thoughts & transformed into little pretties that have spruced up my home.

And that messy craft room of mine?  Well, I suppose you could say it's a good thing for you, as well.

'Cause it means a GIVEAWAY!

You need a Fall pretty for your home too, right?

My inspiration for this festive little banner came from this pin I happened upon.  I took one look at it, immediately adored the look, & thought to myself, I can do that!   And sure enough, I did.

In fact, I made a few.

One for my mantle.

One for my entry way.

I'm thinking about leaving this one up all year long--just switching up the pretty ribbons for the different seasons.

And of course, one for you!

Want it?

Just follow these simple rules to play along:

1) Become an "official" follower of my blog {if you aren't already}.  It's easy--just click the JOIN THIS SITE button over there on the right.
2) In the comments section, tell me what your favorite thing about Fall is.  Going to the pumpkin patch? Baking scrumdiddlyumptious food? The knee high boots & chunky scarves?  I wanna hear what makes you swoon over this beautiful Autumn season.

**BONUS** If you would like to be entered TWICE in the giveaway, start spreadin' the news!  Simply share my blog via facebook, your own blog, twitter, or email & you'll double your chances of winning!  Just be sure to tell me in your comment what you did so that I can apply it.

Winner will be announced Friday!  

Happy Monday, peeps!  Make it a great week.


  1. I love the cool weather, pretty decorations and fall colors!!!
    ~Shelly Phillips

  2. My favorite thing is the trees changing colors! And driving down the neighborhoods and seeing all the AMAZING fall colors. I also LOVE fall clothing.. the layers =) the boots... and football. =)

  3. Holly! love that banner! Also love the framed letter!!! Is that a wood letter or foam?? So cute! you do a great job w/ this blog! wish I would take the time for this! My favorite part of fall is seeing all of Gods colors He has put on this earth for us and then taking pics of my kids playing in the gorgeous colors on the ground! We also love all the pumpkins and closer to Halloween the Jack-O-Lanterns!!! :-) Have a great day!

  4. I love everything about fall! In fact, I call October Brooktober becaust it's full of my favorite things! My kid's birthdays are in Fall, my birthday is in October, my anniversary is in October, I love the cooler weather, I love wearing sweatshirts and jeans, I love the colors of fall, the leaves crunching under my feet, I love fall foods, like chili, I love playing outside and the shorter evenings, I love snuggling up and smelling pumpkin spice throughout the house....the list is endless!! Love it!!

  5. My friend (mom,boyandstuffeddad) turned me on to your blog...and I'm so happy she did! Many great commments - I have to say my fall fav is pumpkin cupcakes. Delicious!
    ~ Jodi

  6. I love the fall bc of college football, snuggling up with my 3 kiddos, family picture time, and decorating the house for the various family holidays that come around.

  7. Living in Florida, I don't get to experience the true seasonal changes in nature...therefore, I try to make the inside of my house as fall festive as possible. I love coming home from work and lighting candles in every room in my house. I can't get enough of the pumpkin spice, or cinnamon stick aroma!! Those smells, along with pretty fall decor make my home and me feel extra cozy.

  8. Oh that last comment was me...Kari...sorry

  9. F amily Bon-Fires (crackling fire)
    A pple Cider
    L ouisburg Cider Mill Doughnuts
    L aughter with Family at our Bon-Fires

    Bon fires are one of my first thoughts about fall..Love to just sit around and roast hot-dogs & make s-mores..of course with our FAMILY..
    Love your Blog & REALLY LOVE THE BANNER..To Cute Holly..

  10. Hey friend.... I love your cute!!!I love love love word: PUMPKINS!!!!!! I love to decorate them, eat them, look at it all!!!! :) Robin m

  11. My favorite thing about fall is the decorating and the bonfire weather!! Love it and love you!

  12. Hi. I am a new follower.. found your site searching for a burlap banner and here you were!!
    My favorite thing about fall is sitting around the firepit in the evenings roasting weenies and marshmallows!!

  13. it's kaylen :) I am posting for my friend Candice. she keeps trying but it won't let her and she is all sad about it. she really wants that banner though so this is her entry.
    her fav thing about fall is harvest bc it reminds her of home in IL and her dad's farm.

  14. ...and it's kaylen again. my other friend, kristie, says she can't comment either. lol. so this is her entry. :) I am going to start charging them.
    her fav things are the crisp morning air, warm red wine simmering with cloves and cinnamon and the beautiful fall colors that star to appear everywhere.

  15. Hello Holly! My favorite thing about fall is not having to mow the yard! Not really, but it is nice to mark that off my list for a couple months. Of course here in southern GA I still have a few more weeks of mowing... PS: I also love football and Halloween costume parties!