Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodbye | Hello

Summertime.  Sweet, sweet summertime.  You did not disappoint.

We had only one mission for our summer this year & that was to knock it straight outta the park.

Well my friends, mission accomplished.

It really was a fantastic summer & the summers that lie ahead are going to have some great big shoes to fill.  I can't really say that it was any one big thing that set this summer apart from all the rest, but rather, the combination of all the little things that made our summer one that will go down in the history books.

Jett was at an awesome age & it seemed so effortless to just pack up a bag of stuff & buzz off into our daily adventures.  He had so many new experiences over the summer & having a front row seat to all of those brand new, fresh experiences is what made this summer extra special for me.  Seeing the wonder of summer through his eyes made me look at life, look at summer with just a little more appreciation.

We took roadtrips, we dunked our piggies in the lake, we went on mini vacations, we slurped ice lollies, we ran through sprinklers,  we flagged down the ice cream truck, we hit up the county fair, we picnic'd in the park, & we took the term "pool rats" to a whole new level.  And it rocked. Every last drop of it.

And I've got to admit, as I see summertime closing up shop, dwindling down, & fizzling out for the year, a small part of me is just a little sad to bid farewell to the glorious season. I will miss the morning sunshine cascading into my bedroom, gently waking me up for the day.  I'll miss our long schedule free, worry free, carefree days. And I will miss all of our little summertime adventures.

But as we know too well, all good things must come to an end.  And summer, sweet summertime is coming to an end.

Lucky for us, another glorious season is waiting up ahead, just around the bend.

Crisp autumn air, cool mornings, chilly evenings, hot apple cider, pumpkin patches, hooded sweatshirts, soccer fields, chunky scarves, piping hot soups, boots {I am soooo excited for the boots}, sweatpants {cute ones of course, but sweats, nonetheless}& snuggling up with my little family of three.

I'm beyond excited.

So today I say goodbye.  Goodbye to summertime.  You were good to us, & trust me when I say, we will race out to meet you upon your return next year.

But for now it's time to say hello.  Hello autumn adventures.  Hello fresh new season.  Hello brand new set of experiences.

Fall is a comin'.

Bring. It. On.

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