Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Real Quick Recap

I love holiday weekends as much as the next person, but geez, they sure do make it hard to get back into the swing of things, don't they?

I'm draggin' today so I'm gonna do a real quick recap & get then I'm outta here.  I've got a bubble bath & comfy jammies that are calling my name tonight.

We had a pretty balanced weekend--a little bit of busy, a little bit of rest.  

We spent Friday evening here at our house with some new friends we'd met over the summer.  We barbecued in the backyard & watched as our little ones raced around the yard, zoomed their slippery bodies down our gigantic water slide, & bawled their eyes out when it grew dark & was time to come inside for the evening.  The house boomed with laughter & energy until after ten o' clock & it just so happened to be the very first time I had ever put Meatball to bed without a bath {& with chocolate cake smeared across his jammies}.  Now that's what we call a fun time.

Early Saturday morning, we hopped in the car & ventured off to celebrate our little cousin Addison's second birthday!  The festivities started at Deanna Rose Farmstead where the kiddos had a steady flow of sugar pumped to their bloodstreams.  Between the cake, ice cream, lollipops, & pixie stix, every kid in the pony corral was raring to go!  It's a good thing there was plenty of activity to help fizzle out those little sugar highs. We checked out every farm animal in the whole place {I swear I've never in my life seen goats like the ones at Deanna Rose Farmstead.  They are as wide as they are long--my word, those goats can eat!} & we topped off the morning with a horse drawn hayride.  We spent the rest of the afternoon celebrating at little miss Addison's house, chowing down on burgers & hot dogs & helping ourselves to seconds on cake & ice cream.  It's not everyday that we get to spend time with aunts, uncles, & cousins so the whole day was a real treat for us.  {Jett didn't seem to mind all of the little girls, either!}

Sunday & Monday we just kind of chilled around home {with the exception of a little jaunt out to Nordstrom's to get the little mister some new kicks}.  We were totally wiped out & I could see that Jett was starting to come down with something so we decided to kinda just lay low {I was right...he now has a full blown cough & slimy nose.  This kid & his colds, ugh}. 

In between our busyness & resting, I dug right into my Fall decorating --I know, I know, I'm probably jumping the gun a little, but I had the time so I thought, why not?  Plus, with the beautiful fall like weather we've been having, it's been nice to have the inside of my house reflect how it feels on the outside!

Alright, that's a wrap.  My eyelids are heavy & my bath water is runnin'.  

Happy Tuesday! 

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