Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We've got a wild weekend ahead of us.  Birthday parties, bonfires, Halloween hayrides.  It's gonna be awesome .  But before I get ants in my pants about the weekend that is stretched out before us, I must first get this little blog of mine up to speed on the some of the fun we had last weekend.

But because I'm tired & pregnant & my husband needs help filling & tying bows onto goody bags for his soccer team, you're gonna get a whole bunch of pictures & just a few words tonight.

So here's our day spent with friends at the pumpkin photos, mostly.

These next few photos crack me up & I'm so glad I captured this moment.

Little Miss Avery holding out her hand for Jett to hold.

 Little stinker playing hard to get & refusing to hold her hand.  Would you look at that attitude she is giving him? 

Telling me just how offended she is.  I mean, really.  How dare he?!

In no time at all, big sister Madalyn swooped in to save the day.  She cleared the air, won Jett over, & before we knew it, the three of them were best buds! Kids crack me up!  

Cute as a pumpkin is right.

Taking a ride out to the pumpkin patch, er, corn field with a bunch of pumpkins just thrown onto the ground.  Whatever, the kids didn't know the difference.

A big thanks to Donnie, Courtney, Madalyn, & little spunky Avery, for spending the afternoon with us!  Every time we leave your company, we always wish we had just a little more time together, that we lived just a little bit closer to one another, & that our get togethers were just a little more frequent. We'll just have to work on all of the above! You guys are such precious friends & we love your family so very, very much. Thanks for an awesome day!


  1. looks like fun! love the pics! looks like jett maybe going for the older woman crowd! :-) how sweet!