Tuesday, November 1, 2011

trick or treat

Between the miniature snickers bars, tiny packages of peanut m&m's, & little sour gummy worm packets, one might think that Halloween night couldn't possibly get any sweeter, right?


Because when it's a momma & daddy's very first time watching their little one go toddling up to doorsteps holding out that little bucket for a Halloween treat, I can tell you first hand that it'll top any sugar induced high you get from a package of candy coated chocolate.

Trick or treating was most definitely a sweet, sweet time--for little man & his momma & daddy.

There's something about experiencing those "firsts" with your kids, isn't there? Something magical, something sentimental, something that repeatedly whispers to you, "Remember this. Remember this. Don't ever forget this." It wasn't his first Halloween, but it was his first adventure in trick or treating & while I stood behind him, trying desperately to record each detail into my mind so to be able to hold onto it forever & ever, little guy was taking the Halloween bull by the horns & nailing this whole trick or treating bit.

I have no clue how he knew what he was doing, maybe it was Trunk Or Treat that helped him get the hang of things, or more than likely, it's because this kid is no dummy & can figure out a good thing when he sees it..yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it.  Either way, home boy marched himself up to every door, shimmied his way to the front of the line of kids, & balled that little hand into a fist to knock on each & every door {I say knocked 'cause he was too short to reach the doorbell}. He'd wait patiently for his piece of candy {or sometimes if they held the bowl in front of his face, he would continue plucking piece after piece & dropping it into his bag. Little squirt got away with it, too. Being cute goes a long way, apparently}. And then, what he would do next would cause this momma to melt into a puddle on every single front porch in the neighborhood--he would put that chubby little hand to his chin & do the sign for "Thank You" before he marched off to the next house on his mission for more candy lootI die.

See there, how he has managed to squeeze right up to the front door? Boy gets down to business.
Look, look, look! See him there in the background? He's saying "Thank you". Oh how I heart him.

Told ya it was a sweet night.

It truly could not have been a more perfect evening. The weather was a blissful sixty-five degrees, Jett wore his gnome costume like a little champ, & we hit up about ten houses & still managed to have happy little trick or treaters, free of meltdowns, by the end of it all {even though we were inching close to bath & bedtime}. 

We came home, ate yummy homemade potato soup, snuggled, & counted our first trick or treating experience a true success.

And then we did what every other parent on Halloween night does, just after they've put their little ones to bed...

we raided that candy stash!


  1. Oh Dear...you have managed to make me cry and laugh as usual Holly...and Oh what sweet memories your recording on this blog. Your so smart to write them all down because you cant possibly remember them all,,happy happy days for you and your ahead .
    Love ya, Aunt Silla

  2. So adorable! Great job on that costume! LOVED his signing. Good parenting goes a long way! :-)

  3. I LOVE the gnome costume. He looks too sweet!