Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Wore

Let's just get one thing straight-- I'm not proclaiming to be some fashionista, here. I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to clothes, shoes, accessories-- I draw a complete blank. I mean, I know what looks good & I can see an outfit on someone else & think, Man, that looks great. I could totally do that. But to pull all the elements together on my own, that I cannot do. I literally get overwhelmed, the room spins, I & shut down. That, my friends, is why most days you'll find me in a pair of comfy sweats, my hair thrown up in a messy ponytail, & house slippers on my feet. Because you can't screw comfy-cozy up, right?

But just like most every other girl on the planet, I do like getting all dolled up once in awhile. A cute outfit, a few curls in the hair, a fresh coat of lip gloss--it sure can go a long way. It can turn a frumpy stay at home mom into a one super-hot momma! 

And while being fashion savvy is probably never something I'm going to be particularly great at, it is something I'm getting better at. Pinterest has helped, learning my own style has helped, & not being afraid to take a couple of chances has helped. The task of finding a cute outfit isn't nearly as daunting as it once was for's actually becoming really, quite fun.

And I must be doing something right, because y'all went nuts over the outfit I wore in our recent Fall family photos! Many of you have asked me where my outfit is from, where I got this piece or that piece, so I thought I'd just go ahead & share from head to tippy toe just exactly how I whipped this outfit up!

Here ya go:

Dress--Charming Charlie. I had never before bought a piece of clothing from this store, but once I browsed through the racks, I found that they actually have some really adorable {& affordable} clothes. Their line blue bird {which is the brand of my dress}, is absolutely darling & so sweet & feminine. I found so many blue bird pieces I absolutely adored. 

Scarf--Charming Charlie

Long Sleeve Undershirt--Buckle. I actually wasn't fond of the sparkles on the shirt at first, but I came around.

Belt--I've had the belt for some time now, but I *think* I got it at the Buckle as well. 

Argyle Tights--JC Penney

Knit Socks--Target


So there you have it. Easy, right? Trust me, if I can make an outfit come together, anyone can. 

And a big thank you to all of you who had such sweet compliments to send my way. You not only made me feel like a million bucks, but also got me thinkin' that maybe, just maybe, there is a fashionista buried deep within me somewhere!

Happy shopping, friends!

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