Sunday, December 4, 2011

{baby} BUMP

Alert: BUMP ahead.

{baby}BUMP, that is.

I have officially "popped". Say hello to the new little bump I'm sporting.

Gosh, I remember being pregnant with Jett, standing in front of the mirror pushing & squeezing & grunting, trying with all my might to get that belly of mine to poke out. I couldn't wait to show. I couldn't wait for the world to know that I was carrying a little life inside of me. It seemed to take forever! But with this one, I literally woke up & POP! It sure didn't take long for this little babe to make its appearance! 

And while we're talking baby bumps, why don't I just go ahead & give a full fledged update on my pregnancy.


CRAVINGS: pickles, pickled banana peppers, this Greek salad dressing, lemons--anything tangy & sour. I have had zero desire for sweets-- they actually kind of repulse me at the moment.  Except for Girl Scout Cookies. Homegirl will always make an exception for Girl Scout Cookies.
HOW I'M FEELING: MUCH better than a few weeks ago. I'm starting to regain my energy & my appetite is slowly returning. I am still throwing up on occasion, but it's few & far between--& usually only when I'm brushing my teeth after breakfast. Jett stands close by & laughs & gags along with me, haha. I am having horrible headaches, usually lasting the whole day through. I'll probably be calling that Tylenol 3 prescription in that my doc gave me. I've got to kick these bad boys to the curb one way or another.

BABY WIGGLES: I think I've felt a few flutters here & there, but it's only happened a couple of times. My heart nearly stops every time I have felt it--I get so excited!
NICKNAME: I haven't even told Jared this yet, but when I think of this teeny little life inside of me, I always refer to him/her as my little "jumping bean". Ever since I saw that little jump at our ten week ultrasound, it's just kinda stuck with me. It's funny, because I had a nickname for Jett, too. I referred to him as our little "flicker". Every time we got a sneak peek into my belly, the first thing I would always notice about him would be that bright, glowing heart, beating ever so strongly.  

GENDER: My gut says boy, but the dream I had last night said girl-- a very tiny, very cute, dark headed little girl with a sweet, crocheted pink hat atop her head, to be precise. To be real honest, at first I really had my heart set on a boy. I thought {& still do think} it would be so neat to watch my two little boys grow into this beautiful brotherhood that only the two of them understand. I've got a soft spot for boys & I would gladly open my heart  to another one. But then, here recently, especially after that dream, I have entertained the thought of a girl, & good golly, my heart starts racing. The ribbons, the bows, the outfits, the pink, the hairstyles, the homecoming dresses, the big wedding-- there's something deep down inside of me that roots for a girl, as well. So you see, I've got it made. I can't go wrong. I want a boy so very badly & I want a girl so very badly. I'm going to be one happy momma no matter what. Now Jett on the other hand...when asked if he wants a sister, he shakes that head of his no & says "Uh-uh." & when asked if he'd like a brother, he replies with a nod of the head yes. We could be in some big trouble here, people!
NAME: I *think* Jared & I have finally narrowed down our baby names! In fact, I love both the boy & girl name we have chosen so much, I wish we could have twins--one of each--that way both of our awesome names could be used! Ha...I say that now. 

It's no secret that my pregnancy with baby #2 up to this point has been no walk in the park. In fact, it honestly has us reconsidering taking our original plan of four kiddos & knocking it down to two kiddos. We're not making any crazy decisions at this particular moment, but we are entertaining the idea that perhaps less is more. I always tease that as soon as this baby comes out, the first thing I'm gonna do is turn it over & spank that little bare butt for all the pregnancy woes it has put me through. I know, I talk tough. We all know that the second my baby slips into my arms,  I'll be so googly eyed & mad-crazy in love, those pregnancy woes will be forever forgotten.

As hard as the past few months have been, I know that the ones up ahead are going to be exciting ones--
full of surprises, anticipation, & pure elation. So stay tuned!

And be on the lookout for a growing {baby} BUMP! 


  1. ITS a GIRL!!Whats her name?

    love Ya...

    Aunt Silla

  2. Cute bump! The 2nd pregnancy always pops out sooner! I loved it!

  3. belly! I love it :)

    I had absolutely miserable pregnancies, and I had all girls ;)