Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Capturing December | Day Seven

***This post is part of the Capturing December Project***

Favorite Ornament
It's a tradition in our home to choose special ornaments every year at Christmastime. We choose a family ornament, Jett chooses his very own ornament, & this year we added yet another dangling trinket to our decorated Christmas tree--Jumping Bean's ornament.

But my favorite ornament this year? That's easy. It's this one:

The ornament that my Meatball & I made together. We started out with salty dough, a hesitant toddler who wasn't too sure about sticking his hand in that gooey substance & we ended up with an adorable treasure that has frozen that little one year old in time. It will stay that size forever. And it will be treasured forever & ever. The proud little look he gives when he walks by it & points out that it is indeed his hand that created that beautiful masterpiece is pretty awesome, too!

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  1. My sister did this for me one yr w our kids! I kept them out all yr! So fun!! :-)