Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Capturing December | Day Six

Christmas Crafting
When we woke up this morning to frigid temperatures & a light snow covering the ground, I thought to myself--Pefect! Christmas Crafting it is!

Homemade handprint ornaments

A special ornament for our little Jumping Bean

A fun little keepsake craft

We Christmas crafted our morning away & now we've decided this afternoon is a perfect one for a nap! Nighty night! Happy December 6th, friends!


  1. Love that last picture of Jett! So adorable. Fun crafts! Oh, by the way, I love Target diapers! I like them better than Pampers and Huggies and they are way cheaper! :-)

  2. How precious Holly...You are the Bestest Craft lady in Blue Springs..or lets say Bestest in the State..I love watching your blog to see what's new for the day..it makes my day, when I get home from a stressfull day and see all the cute things..:) Thanks..

  3. So cute! The girls and i are going to make those salt dough ornaments this weekend. Can't wait!