Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Capturing December | Days Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen

Day Eleven: Kissing Under Mistletoe
Well, we didn't have any mistletoe hanging around, so we made do with what we've got. Yep, my iphone. There's an app for that, ya know?! Thank you Julianna for the great idea!

Jett wanted to get in on the smoochin' action {although you wouldn't know it by that ornery face}!

Day Twelve: Boots
Every time I see Jared's boots, they remind me of him shoveling snow off the driveway like a madman. He cracks me up--while most men grumble & groan about shoveling the drive, my hubby looks forward to it. He bundles up, works up a sweat, & comes in feeling like he got in an awesome workout. It always makes me giggle. Come wintertime, my Ugg boots are my best friend. I love em'. I've got a pair in every color & every year I seem to always find a new pair I simply cannot live without. And Jett's boots? Just go HERE to see how he feels about his. 

 Day Thirteen: Christmas Music
You know Buddy the Elf? Yeah, that's basically us around Christmastime. We tend to go a little overboard with the whole Christmas spirit bit. We blare Christmas carols in the car,  play the Christmas music station on our television at home, & yes, before bedtime, we pump up the volume on the John Denver & The Muppets c.d. for our little boy. Jared grew up on John Denver & The Muppets & Jett & I get quite the kick out of watching  him jam around the room to "The Twelve Days Of Christmas"--Muppet style. Jett has even caught on to a few of the lyrics of that song & we'll hear a little "Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi" every once in awhile if we're lucky. Music is a ritual around our home--we've always got some kind of music playing & you'd better believe at Christmastime, we crank those carols!

Geez Louise, I sure can't believe how December is whizzing by! It sure has been fun capturing all the little details, though!

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  1. I grew up with the John Denver and the Muppets cd too!! It's great :) Love the mistletoe picture