Friday, December 23, 2011

Capturing December | Playing Catch Up

***this post is part of the Capturing December Project***

Day Twenty: A Town Hotspot
Sure, I could've chosen The Plaza or Crown Center, but if you really want to know what I consider to be the hotspot in town, you just need to come along with me to my local grocery store. Nope, not kidding. We just got a brand spankin' new supermarket in our little community & I am addicted to this place. It's got three different restaurants, a sushi bar, coffee shop, amazing salad bar...I'm telling you, this place is awesome. Most definitely a hotspot in my book.
Jett agrees =)

Day Twentyone: A Holiday Meltdown
I already told you about my meltdown over the reindeer antlers on my cookies, right? How my homemade chocolate covered pretzel antlers melted & wouldn't stick in the cookie & it ticked me off to the point of tears & had me running to my local grocery store to pick up the store bought kind {aka hotspot} at 9pm? Yeah, I told you.
 So here's a little peek at a different Holiday meltdown around here--not me this time.

{this was just after I took away the Buzz Lightyear ornament he broke the arm off of. Mean ol' Momma.}

Day Twentytwo: Christmas Recipes
 I'm having my family here for Christmas Breakfast this year & here are a couple of new recipes I'll be trying out:
Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls--I hear they are to die for & my mouth waters just thinking about them!
This Breakfast Casserole--What could be easier than throwing a casserole in the crockpot & letting it cook all night so that breakfast is ready when you wake up Christmas morning? Props to the genius who came up with that idea.

Day Twentythree: Loved Ones Laughing
Well, I don't have a photo that captured our laughter, but you'd better believe Jared & I were dying laughing when our little Meatball ran out of his room wearing nothing more than a diaper, fuzzy hat & gloves. Silly goose!

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  1. Let me know how the breakfast casserole turns out, I want to try it. Merry Christmas.