Monday, December 5, 2011

Capturing December | Days One Through Five

I'm a firm believer that the greatest moments that happen in this life are often times caught in the small, day to day details; the ones we don't make a big hoopla out of, but yet when we look back, realize they were actually the moments that have shaped & molded our lives in a mighty way.  Little details are the components that make up the grand picture & I find great value in them--no matter how small they may seem at the time.

And that is why, even though I'm a few days late, I've decided to go ahead & jump aboard the bandwagon! For the month of December, I will be joining up with a couple of my other blog friends & taking on the Photographing December Project with Julianna {thank you Sunni, for the invite!}  Each day in December, I'll post a photo that captures some of the fun & traditions that we have as a family throughout the month.  I'll still be making my big blog posts along the way as well, but this is just a way that those special details of ours don't get overlooked this season. I'll probably veer from Julianna's list here & there as I want to make sure I'm capturing our memories, but I absolutely love the concept & am thrilled to be playing along.

So here you are... our Photographing December Project so far:

Day One: Setting Up Christmas
For a complete look at our day of setting up for Christmas, go here.

Day Two: Nativity Scene
I remember every detail of the Nativity Scene we had growing up. It was a beautiful ceramic set that was made by my Aunt Elaine, painted in hues of creams & golds & touches of silver. I would spend hours sitting knelt in front of it,  imagining I was right there in the midst of Christ Jesus' birth. I would play out the glorious Christmas Story over & over & over again, very carefully so not to break any of the delicate figurines. That Nativity Scene burned in our house fire along with the rest of our belongings when I was a freshman in high school, & even though I haven't seen it for years, I can picture it ever so clearly in my memory. That's what I love so much about Christmas memories--they are clear--they don't ever fade. One of these days, I would love to have a Nativity Scene that is all my own, one that my children will also one day have crystal clear memories of. 
 The Little People's Nativity Scene below was given to Jett by my dear friend Deb, & will be one that we treasure always. It comes out only at Christmas time, & let me tell you, Jett has played with it every single day since we have set it up. I get excited telling him about Mary & Joseph, the three kings, & of course our reason for the season--Jesus Christ. What a special way to be able to tell the Christmas story to a tender little soul.

Day Three: Hot Cocoa
If I had to name my absolute favorite thing about the Christmas season, it just might very well be hot cocoa. Seriously, I love me some hot cocoa. And the more marshmallows piled on top, the better! There is just something magical about sitting in the midst of glowing twinkle lights with a hot mug of frothy cocoa cupped between your hands. 

Day Four: Mailing Christmas Cards
I look forward to it every year--narrowing down the perfect photo, choosing the perfect design, writing out the long list of recipients, making sure my handwriting is at its absolute best when I'm addressing the envelopes. I love sending out Christmas cards. I love that in an age of emails & e-cards & everything geared toward the latest technology, that the old fashioned tradition of sealing an envelope, slapping a stamp in the corner, & dropping a bundle of Christmas spirit off at the post office still hasn't lost its luster. I hope it never does....I'm old fashioned like that. {And no, I'm not just saying that because my husband works for a great big greeting card company.}

Day Five: Christmas Jammies
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas around here if we we didn't follow through with our timeless tradition of hopping into a snuggly new pair of Christmas jammies come Christmas Eve. It's one of my favorite traditions, partly because I get to carry it along from my childhood & partly because it's a tradition that Jared & I can get in on with our children & never have to worry about being too grown up for it. Because you're never too old for a new comfy, cozy pair of pajamas! 
Here's  a little sneak of our 2011 Christmas Jammies--to be opened on Christmas Eve!

So there you have it--December 1st-5th! I'm all caught up! Be sure & check back tomorrow to see what little details are filling up our December 6th. 

And one more thing, if you're a blogger--play along! I would love to see what the days of your December look like!


  1. So glad you're playing and I love how you're personalizing it :) Let the picture taking begin!

  2. These are all so fun! We always got new pjs on Christmas eve too :)

  3. Great pictures! I knew you would love it! ;)