Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Claus: The Verdict Is In

We are back from our long journey to the North Pole & I've got some good news & some bad news to share with you all. Which would you like first? The good news? Okay then, I'll start there. Well, the good news is that Jett really did love Santa. He locked eyes on him while we were standing in line, his eyes filled with wonder as he stretched his neck in every direction, desperate to get a better look at his new best friend, & it was a steady stream of "Ho Ho's" quietly coming from those O shaped lips as we anxiously waited for our very own turn at some Santa time. Meatball was excited. And that made this momma happy. Daddyboy carried Jett very cautiously up to Santa Claus & there Jett & Santa swapped high fives, Jett checked out that famous red hat, & even felt the soft, furry cuffs on Santa's coat. After sitting on Santa's lap & after Momma took a gazillion photos, Jett waved good-bye to Jolly Old Saint Nick, gave one more high five & we were headed out of the North Pole without having to pry him off of that lap {whew, dodged that bullet}. Jett loved Santa Claus so much that he even begged the rest of the night to go back & see "Ho Ho". 

Pretty smooth sailin', right? 

Yeah well, that's where the bad news comes into play...

Jett loved Santa alright, but that lap of Santa's? Whoooa Nelly, now that's another story.

But who needs a story when you've got a picture like this? I think it says it all...

First of all, is that not the sweetest, most authentic looking Santa you've ever seen? I love him. He is the same Santa we saw last year. I really do heart him.
Secondly, is it terrible that I crack up laughing at this picture every time I see it? I know, I'm a mean momma. But you've got to admit, it is pretty funny. You'd think by his face that Freddy Kruger showed up on the scene. Kids are so funny.

No likey Santa's lap. 

It turns out that our little Jett Jett falls into the category of Completely Normal Almost Two Year Old-- where Santa Claus is nothing more than a scary, old, white bearded, terribly horrifying man. Poor Santa, toddlers are a tough crowd.

It was an awesome evening, & I honestly wouldn't have had it any other way. It's memory making at its best & you all know how I love me some good old fashioned Christmas memories--heck, I'll even take the traumatizing ones! 


  1. loL! I Cant wait to take Hunter!!! This ought to be exciting!! lol

  2. Poor thing!

    (But what a fun memory for mommy!)