Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happenings & Not Happenings at 25 weeks

I actually had to pull out my calendar to check & see how far along I am. Isn't that horrible? 

It makes me feel guilty, like I'm a bad momma to this new baby. I don't have every single detail all lined out like I did when I was pregnant with Jett. The nursery isn't finished--haven't even started it. She doesn't have a name--we just can't seem to take the plunge & commit to the one. I haven't purchased a single thing for her--not one thing. Maternity photos have yet to be scheduled. And to be completely honest, if it weren't for my immune system being constantly zapped all the time & this little belly of mine growing rounder by the day, I would probably forget that I'm even pregnant at all.

That's just how this pregnancy has gone. With a vivacious toddler running around, I simply haven't had the time to daydream this sweet little baby's life away. I'm too busy planning birthday parties, decorating big boy rooms & living life to the fullest with the little one who is here--the little one who is sitting right in front of me--the little one who demands of my time THIS INSTANT. I'm sure it's all quite normal but I still can't help but feel bad that I'm not focusing enough time on both my children {probably a feeling I will bear the sting of more than once in my time of mothering these little lovies}.

Another thing that's NOT happening around here--cleaning mirrors. Geesh, check out those water spots.

But whether there's enough time in the day or not, I'd better get it all lined out somehow. Because in just a matter of three short months, a new little princess will be making her grand entrance into our hearts & lives. That little princess is sure to need a beautiful nursery, pink frilly clothing, & I'm thinking she's probably going to need a royal name to go by, as well. 

Oh baby, had I better get crackin'. 

So now that we've covered all the pregnancy happenings that aren't taking place around here, let's get down to all that is happening with this pregnancy at 25 weeks:

* She's a lively little thing. She has most definitely lived up to her nickname "Jumping Bean" with her constant moving, wiggling, flipping & flopping. She wakes me up numerous times throughout the night, pokes me when I'm having my breakfast in the morning & like clockwork every evening while I'm cozied up in my big living room chair, she gives me a few good thumps on the right side of my belly--{Daddyboy always comes running for these, warming up his hands on the way over, eager for that sweet little connection with his baby girl}. Jett never moved this much. Sure, he'd give a few good jabs & kicks here & there, but for the most part he nestled his chunky butt into a comfy spot & just cooked--cooked himself to a whopping 9 pounds, 10 ounces, to be exact. Maybe all this movement is a sign of a smaller baby. Oh, PLEASE let all this movement be a sign of a smaller baby! {A momma & her lovely lady parts can wish, right?}

* My immune system is absolutely shot. It seems that every time I turn around I'm battling some kind of sickness or another. I've had strep throat twice, headaches like I've never had before in my life, anemia that has gotten worse in the last month, & some nasty stomach bug I just seemed to acquire today. Blech. But on a lighter note, my nausea as left the building! Can I get a HALLELUJAH? It has been weeks since I've thrown up & would you believe the other night when I was covered in puke {courtesy of Meatball} that I didn't so much as even gag? Impressive, eh?

* Well, Jared & I may not have a name for little sister nailed down just yet, but big brother sure knows what he'll be calling her once she arrives--"Sissy". We talk about Sissy daily, he lights up when we say the word & I just about melt every time I hear that sweet little voice of his spout off the name he has decided for her.

* Catching zzzz's has become a little tricky lately. Sometimes she's being a wiggly worm, sometimes it's straight up insomnia & sometimes it's because I just can't get comfortable with this growing belly of mine. Thankfully, my doctor said it's fine if I want to take a Unisom every once in awhile so that I'm not laying there wide awake from 3-5 am every night.

* Jared finds it adorable, Jett finds it hilarious & I find it to be absolutely disgusting--my once innie belly button has popped out & is now an outie. I am so not used to it & the fact that Jett lifts up my shirt & giggles like a little girl lets me know it's pretty funny looking. At least someone's enjoying it, I suppose.

So there you have it, folks--the happenings & not happenings of my pregnancy thus far. Clearly, I've got my work cut out for me.

Ill start later. Right now I'm tired & sick & crabby & I need a bowl of ice cream. Goodnight.


  1. I felt guilty while pregnant about the baby inside and then guilty after having baby #2 that I was somehow stealing her special-ness away by having to divide my attention (very unequally at times). It's so hard to feel like you're giving all your children all that you can all the time!

  2. i hear ya! it seems difficult to give as much time and energy and thought this time. then i feel guilty and stressed which is even worse for the baby. you're not alone, and doing great, and i know she will having more than everything she needs and has two loving parents and a great big brother!

  3. You are so cute! I always love reading your posts :)

  4. You look so good! Don't worry....I think this is just what happens with the second child. :) And...the Mommy Guilt will never go away. But, your 'lovies' will know they are loved so, so, so much. That's all that matters!! The guilt is all in your head!!