Monday, February 6, 2012

A "Jett" Plane Party

One of these days he'll outgrow the full blown birthday bashes his momma literally lives to plan for him. One of these days he'll be too cool, too big, too macho for balloons & party favors & blowing out birthday candles in front of all his buddies. One of these days he'll have his very own family that celebrates his life, showers him with gifts & pours out love to him on his very special day. And I know when all of that takes place, a little piece of this momma's heart will ache. I'll wish to drag out my hot glue gun, set up candy buffets, string together photo banners, & spend my evening hours putting final details & final touches on a party that celebrates the life of my firstborn.  

So that is why, during these tender little years that the Lord has given this little boy to us, we take birthday party'n to the next level. 

Go big or go home, baby.

There is so much that I loved about this day. 

I loved the pitter patter of little feet as they zoomed from destination to destination {19 sets of little feet, to be exact}. I loved the sound of excited squeals & shrieks of laughter as they blasted off with jet packs strapped to their tiny backs. I loved seeing meticulously designed paper aircrafts go sailing & soaring through the cheerful birthday air. I loved seeing innocent eyes filled with a zeal for adventure, great big grins smeared across faces & heavy doses of sugar runnin' through bloodstreams. And is it bad that I even loved that tears were shed when some of the littles found out the party was over? I can't blame them, I almost cried too.

I loved the way our group of family & friends gathered 'round to belt the Happy Birthday song & the way our little Meatball turned shy when they did. {It's new, this shy thing. That sweet little face of his turns red & he buries his bashful self into Jared or me. Reminds me so much of my shy side when I was a little girl}.

I loved the way Jared & I would scan the room to find one another & when our eyes would meet, we'd look at one another like, "Are you drinking this in like I'm drinking this in?" There's no denying we love this Momma & Daddy gig we've got goin' on.

I loved the way Meatball exclaimed an animated, "Wow!" upon opening each & every gift. Even though he was entirely confused about the process of opening a present, falling in love with it & having it whisked away from his grip, he never sulked too long. He'd take a moment, move on, & show just as much enthusiasm for the next gift. I said it last year, but even at such a young age, he has quite a way of making people feel special. I truly believe it is a God given gift & I cannot wait to see all the ways such a gift will be used in his lifetime. I've already enjoyed watching it bloom in just two short years.

I loved what I saw looking back at me as I glanced over the room during the duration of Jett Jett's two year old birthday. All around us stood people who love us. Grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, college friends, church friends, old friends, new friends--a massive group of people who love our little family, who love our little Jett man. It is mighty & powerful & incredibly wonderful.

I love the essence of a kids birthday party--the silly, fun, giggly, lighthearted, carefree atmosphere that only children can fill up a room with. There's just something magical about it--it's childhood in its purest form. And even though I'm not quite sure Jett man had any idea that this "Jett" Plane Party was a celebration of him turning the big t-w-o, I am pretty sure of the fact that he too, felt the magic of how cherished his little childhood is.

Pin The Propeller On The Plane. The little ones had us cracking up--no blindfolds & they still couldn't figure out where to stick those dad gum propellers.

It was a "Jett" Plane Party that landed its way straight into the memory books of our hearts & every time I reflect on it, I am overtaken with warm fuzzies & can't help but want to do it all over again. The life of my little boy was celebrated to the max & there isn't much more a momma could wish for than that. 

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