Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loopty Loops

I had big plans for this week. 

After all the winding, bendy, loopty loops we've taken over the past couple of weeks, I was anxiously anticipating for the roller coaster to lock up those brakes & come to a screeching, squealing halt. I was more than ready to step off, allow my heart rate to settle, fix my tousled hair, clear my dizzy head & get back to our 'normal'. 

Clean the house. 
Make a trip to the grocery store.
Do a little Valentine's Day crafting. 
Sit down at the dinner table for real food--not the drive-thru junk that has become so convenient for us. 
Write thank you cards.
Get Meatball's naptime back on schedule.

Oh yes, I had big plans.

But that roller coaster played a little trick on us. Don't you just hate those ones? The ones where you think the ride has come to a stop & you can finally open your eyes & clear the bugs out of your teeth, only to realize you're going 0-500mph & screaming your lungs out once again? Yeah well, that's exactly the kind roller coaster we're riding right now.

For three whole days, Jett became a permanent fixture to my chest while his weak little body fought off fever after fever. We only moved from the couch for small intervals of time--to try out some of those new birthday toys that were just begging to be broken in & to clean up every kind of bodily fluid you can imagine.  Then it was back to Momma's lap, snuggling our days away.

And wouldn't ya know, just as Meatball is turning a corner & his spunk is slowly starting to make its appearance again, I go & wake up feeling like a Mack Truck has barreled over me. 

Two things happen every time I try burning the candle at both ends-- 1) I go crazy on my poor husband {that was last week} &  2) my body gets fed up with the Superwoman gig & shuts down.  It's safe to say, we've officially made it to shut down mode. 

I guess it's not all bad, this extra little tricky turn we're going on. It has forced us to slow down, kick our feet up & just be--something we don't get to do very often. And the snuggling hasn't been half bad, either.

So we're rollin' with it. Throwin' our arms up in the air & making the most of the rest of this thrill ride--embracing the dirty dishes in the sink, treasuring our days spent curled up on the couch watching Despicable Me & Toy Story & sniffing up the divine scent of homemade chicken soup that is lingering throughout our home.

We'll get back to our 'normal' next week. As long as this roller coaster hasn't got any more loopty loops ahead, that is.

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  1. We were all really sick a few weeks ago. NOT FUN! I also wanted to say I love the way you fixed your hair at Jett's b-day party. Can I ask what/if any curling iron you used?