Thursday, February 16, 2012

Memories That Stick {Valentine's Day}

Some memories just stick. That's because some memories are just pack'n so much love that they can't help but be remembered long after their allotted time has expired. 

My mom made Valentine's Day special--that's a memory that sticks. I'll never forget being a small elementary school girl on this heart filled day of love. Throughout the afternoon, in between all the ruckus that a holiday stirs up in the classroom, our teacher would receive thin, rectangular slips of paper from the main office that she was to hand out to designated owners. On Valentine's Day, you desired desperately to be one of the owners of those slips of paper. Heartbeats skipped a little faster, eyes fixated on the teacher's every move & hopes sailed as each tiny pupil anxiously awaited to see who's hand that next coveted piece of paper would land in. I remember when it was mine. My heart did flip flops. My face turned beet red. I portrayed a shy smile while behind it, I was actually beaming from ear to ear. That little slip of paper clutched in my hand with my name scribbled on it meant something & it meant something big. It meant that someone {my mom} had sent a special valentine surprise to the school for me. A balloon bouquet, a bag of sour gummy candy, a teddy bear, a box of chocolates...the possibilities were endless. As the minutes ticked away, my excitement grew as I anxiously awaited for that three o'clock bell to ring so I could run to the lunch room & claim my prize. 

She didn't do it every single year & I didn't come to expect it. I'm glad for that. It made the times that I did receive one of those 'golden tickets' just that much sweeter. But she always managed to do something come Cupid's Day. Whether it be decorating my bedroom in a spray of hearts, slipping into my classroom for the big Valentine class party, a tub of cupcakes in hand that she'd baked & sprinkled herself, or showing up to my college dining hall with a bouquet of flowers & balloons {which at the time I pretended in front of her & all my friends that I was utterly humiliated when really, it warmed my heart}, she knew just how to make the day a special one. And you see, just like that, the memories stick.

That same mom who used to make the holidays so special by decorating my bedroom, being home room mom & showing up to my college dining hall with those flowers & candy? Well, she's still in that same business--the making her kids feel loved, adored, special & treasured business. Check out the cool Valentine treats she surprised us with--a new stool for Jett man & the entire collector's edition dvd series of "Little House On The Prairie" {my favorite television show as a little girl}. Turns out, the feeling of being loved is something you just never grow out of. I have a great mom.

Perhaps it's that clearly remembered excitement from my childhood that fuels my own desires as a momma to take a holiday like Valentine's Day & raise the roof on it. Perhaps it's that very childlike giddiness that I still can taste that wakes me up an hour before everyone else on V-day & gets my heart a flutterin'. Perhaps it's those childhood memories of mine-- of being made to feel so loved, so special, so adored that are the very reason I tiptoe into the living room just as the sunlight is barely beginning to peek into our home & I get busy stringing hearts & sprinkling hershey kisses.  I slap my own 'golden ticket' on the day. I set the stage for memories...memories that'll matter...memories that'll stick.

Making Valentine's breakfast together. He's such a little helper these days.

A table set for two.

He was obsessed with all of the hearts that were strewn throughout the house. We've been working on his shapes lately & while he hasn't quite got them all conquered just yet, little man knows the "hawt" shape like no other. Oh, how I love him.

A celebration of the man I love with all my heart.

Balloons, chocolate hearts & love notes. Seems simple, but he lit up like he'd been given the most expensive gift on the market. 

A candlelight dinner.

Little divine desserts.

Bustin' out the sparkling grape juice & toasting to our sweet family, our multitude of blessings & the abundance of love we have for one another. 

It was indeed, a very special Valentine's Day. And you can bet I'll do my darn-dest to make them all special in some way or another.

Because one day, a long time from now, I can only hope that the memories we've made together aren't merely ones that we taste of & forget. No, I hope for more so much more than that. I hope for memories that settle for a time but then one day out of the blue, stir up a smile in the hearts of the loves of my life.

I hope for memories that stick.

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