Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Heck Of A Party {a little sneak peek}

Well, my feet may be aching & my brain may be fried but I'll tell ya one heart is overflowing.

All the little details we've been working on for weeks & weeks {okay, maybe even months} came together ever so beautifully today & we had ourselves one heck of a party.

But you'll have to wait til' Monday for the full story. This momma is taking her aching feet, fried brain & overflowing heart straight to bed.

See you here first thing Monday!


  1. Everything was guys did an AWESOME job on all the always..Thanks again for inviting us to this Great Celebration..
    P.S. I think we might need for Jared to paint some stuff for us..We'll supply the paint..LOL

  2. So cute! My favorite is 'baggage claim'. How clever!