Monday, February 27, 2012

Soul Food

It's been a rough week & Jared & I, we walked into our weekend with some pretty busted up hearts.

A lesson I've learned & am continuing to learn as I grow older is that it's a good thing to take moments as they come--even the moments of affliction. It's profitable to allow oneself to feel emotions as they surface--to taste the bitterness of hurt when it trickles down deep inside, to feel the burn of tears as they sting our eyes, & to face anger when it rages up inside us. We've gone through a wide spectrum of emotion over this past week & that's why when the weekend finally fell upon us, we decided to clear our schedules, hunker down & be exactly where we needed to be--with each other.

What we needed was a little soul food. 

I'm not talking about the soothing, comforting, eat a big bowl of chicken soup & you'll feel all better kind of soul food {although there did happen to be some mean homemade mac & cheese involved in our weekend happenings}. I'm talking about the submerge ourselves in prayer, weep with one another, face our grief together, celebrate new beginnings, wrap our arms around one another & draw closer to each other kind of soul food. I'm talking about the realization of a God that is bigger than all our life messes, recognizing the bigger plan He has in store for all of us & feeling the mighty love & adoration He is pouring out to us if we just look beyond the here & now kind of soul food.

Man, did we have ourselves one crazy feast of soul food this weekend. And it was so, so good.

It was good to slow down & just be.

It was good to sit around a toddler table with our little family of three {almost four!} for our Saturday morning breakfast casserole & coffee.

It was good to throw the cushions off the couch & pretend we had our very own living room trampoline.

It was good to get a few projects done here & there.

But mostly, it was good to talk through our pain. It was good to feel the power within our prayers. It was good to link arms in fellowship with our church family. It was good to feel the depths of the emotions we've had surging through us. And it was really good to wake up this morning & feel the hope of a brand new day. 

That busted up heart that we entered into the weekend with isn't so busted up anymore. The sharp, jagged edges are slowly starting to smooth out. The scattered pieces are fitting back into their original shape. The bruises are fading. The healing process is beginning. 

We are revived. We are renewed. We are refreshed. We are marching forward.

A little bit of soul food sure does go a long way.

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