Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby On The Brain: 29 Week Check In

Since my last update, I am happy to announce that somehow a blazing fire got lit under my behind & I've steadily been knocking all sorts of things off my baby to-do list.

I've got baby on the brain.

And I'm having a ball with it!

Sure, the fact that I am STILL throwing up really stinks {yeah, I thought the puking days were over, too}. And getting pratically no sleep because this little girl is a wild child & insists on having a party in my uterus every single night gets kind of wearing. 

But honestly, all of that pales in comparison to the excitement that this sweet baby is bringing to our lives already. 

Come along & see what I've been up to over the past few weeks!

**Choosing A Name: It's official. Our little darling finally has a name. I was honestly worried she was going to be one of those babies that doesn't have a name on the day she arrives. And that thought right there is enough to send this control freak, Type A momma into a straight tizzy.

For the longest time, we had two names narrowed down. We battled back & forth, back & forth. Then one night while lying in bed, listening to the way those names sounded as they rolled off our tongues like we'd done so many nights before, we went & scratched both of those names & came up with a completely new one.

It's perfect. We love it. We smile when we say it.

And while I wish I could share our pretty little name with you, you all know that's not how I roll. Of course we'll be keeping the name a secret until the big birthday!

**The Perfect Nursery Color: Choosing a name that our child will go by for the rest of her life is a big decision, but can I just say that choosing a cream color for the nursery just might rank right up there with it? Geez, Louise! Who knew there were so many dad gum shades & hues of the color cream? Certainly not me.

But after perusing the aisles of the paint store, I do believe I have settled upon THE perfect cream color that is out there: White Blush. Isn't the name just lovely, as well? Yes, I'll admit that I am one of those people who is influenced by the name of a paint color. If it has a stupid name, I'll bypass that swatch with a quickness. Quirky, I know. But surely I'm not the only one out there who does this...

 **Maternity Photos: I had an exact look, an exact feel, an exact idea in my mind for my maternity photos this time around. I dreamed for these maternity photos to portray a real & natural feel to them--nothing too posed or cheesy. I dreamed for this moment in our lives to be captured in a way that reflects who we really, truly are as a little family. I dreamed of what kind of photos I could see hanging in our home & new nursery. Well, let me tell you, my friend Kelley at Kelley Photo & Design gave me more than I ever could have dreamed of.

After taking just one look at this photo, my eyes welled up with tears & I was left speechless. It's us--simply us. In our home. In our environment. In our element. I l.o.v.e this photo & I am DYING to see the rest of our session with Kelley--aren't you?! {Don't worry--I'll be sharing them as soon as I have them in my hands!}

**3D Ultrasound: I waited on pins & needles for this day to finally arrive. For this one hour in our life, time stood still. I am so amazed at technology & how we are able to have a little window into the world of our babies in this way. We did the 3D ultrasound with Jett & I could have sat there all day long watching his every feature, his every movement, his every wiggle--and it was no different with our little Jumping Bean. She moved & bounced all over the place & we sat, amazed that this is the little life, the little person, the little soul that is growing & blooming inside of me. Amazing. Simply amazing.

that little nose & those little lips look sooo much like Jett's

And listen, I know that everybody thinks their own kid is the most beautiful one out there, but I had it confirmed today that ours is most definitely a little beauty. First of all, I saw her with my own eyes & secondly, the sonographer {& owner of Prenatal Imaging} informed us that our little girl photographs so well that she will be the new face on some of the Prenatal Imaging advertising! How cool?!

Oh & it gets better. Just before leaving our appointment, the owner & staff asked us to come back next week to be in some of their marketing material--ads, photos, videos, etc.

The cherry on top is that I get to bring my mom, Jared's mom, Jared's grandma & Jett in with me to see another live scan of our little Jumping Bean! Heck yeah! And if you think I'm excited, you should hear how the grandmas are reacting!

See? I told you I was having a ball.

Clearly, I'm not lacking in the fun, exciting, take your breath away moments in life at this time. These are the moments that glisten, the moments that shine, the moments that will bless my life for eternity & I am holding onto them with all that I am.

I think I can handle eleven more weeks of this baby on the brain stuff -even if it does entail a couple of sprints to the bathroom toilet & a few sleepless nights with a party girl in my belly.

Have a happy weekend, friends! Come back for Memory Lane Monday!


  1. Oh I just love you :) So excited for you guys & all these amazing moments, and so excited that you love the photo so much! It means the world to me that my work could have that effect :) And, I agree, the little one is just darling!

  2. I love reading your blog and seeing what you have been up too :) I must say you look amazing and your little man is getting so big so quickly...Please keep blogging I look forward to getting online and seeing your uplifting messages and photos!!!