Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Memory Lane Monday: Little Boy Baby Shower

Oops! I stood you up yesterday, didn't I?

Please accept my apologies.

Life came a calling & I found it needful to answer that life call. Sometimes this little blog's got to take a back seat to more important happenings. Important happenings like celebrating a little brother & his big news of landing his first real career with an amazing company {my goodness, I prayed so hard for that boy & this job}. Important things like playing outside til' dark watching a mud covered little boy burn off every ounce of energy he's got racing through him. Important things like staying up way too late watching the finale of the Bachelor {what a let down that was. Maybe now I'll finally stop watching that trash.}

Anyhoo--life's been calling, life's been crazy, life's been busy. And it's been good. Really good.

But it's time to get back on track & give you the Memory Lane Monday that I promised to you last Friday.

Topic this week: My Little Boy Baby Shower!

When it came to celebrating the life of my little boy, some really amazing gals I know rallied together & pulled out every stop imaginable.

I've mentioned before that I've got amazing friends, right? K. Just checkin'

Seriously, I have never in all my life been to a baby shower that was covered in so much love, so much celebration, & so much joy. Still to this moment, when I reflect on that very day, my heart swells with overwhelming thankfulness that I have such a tremendous group of ladies that rose up & celebrated {& still celebrate} the little life that I call Jett Jett.

They decorated to the nines--poof balls hanging from the ceiling, custom made binkies sprinkled everywhere, diaper cakes, personalized shirts, a candy buffet--you name it, they didn't miss a single detail.

They whisked me off to a morning of pampering--Amy did my hair while Stacy polished my nails {Can you say royal treatment??}.

And they gave me THE most special day, jam packed full of memories I'll never forget.

Jared stopped by with a little 'shower surprise' ...

A Coach Diaper Bag! I love that man.

I believe every girl needs a group of friends to go through this life with--to laugh til' it hurst with, to stay up til' 1 in the morning shedding tears with, to go to bat for each other with---

---to welcome sweet babies with. 

And wouldn't you know it...these amazing friends of mine are at it again. In just a few weeks, they'll rally around me, they'll shower me with love, they'll celebrate my sweet baby girl's life & they will leave me with memories that will last a lifetime. 

I could not imagine my life without these girls & the blessing they bring daily to me & the lives of my babes.

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  1. That really was a fun day! Stacy did an AMAZING job!