Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Play'n In The Rain

A pile of wet, soggy clothes laying at my front door. Muddy boot prints scampered across my entryway. A drippy Buzz Lightyear umbrella that has left a standing puddle on the linoleum. And one very satisfied little boy who is now warm & dry & snuggled up in bed for his afternoon nap.

It was a play'n in the rain kind of day.

I had a million things I needed to get accomplished today--errands, dishes, laundry, a gigantic spring cleaning list. But for some reason, watching my little guy peer out the window at a drizzle filled sky triggered a seize the moment urge within me that I simply couldn't shake. In that very moment I made the decision that errands & laundry & lists could all wait, but that this moment right here, where the sky has opened up & poured out drops from the heavens, it could not.

So we tugged on our rain-boots, rummaged through the hall closet for umbrellas, waved good-bye to three baskets of laundry that needed {oops, still need} folding & clomped out into the soggy, puddle filled afternoon.

Meet my little Rain Boy.

This kid was made for a play'n in the rain kind of day. In all actuality, he wasn't even phased the least little bit by the drops of rain that pelted his hair & had his clothes sopping within minutes. Give this boy the outdoors, some speed beneath his feet & some wind in his sails & he's good to go. It's one of the things I love most about him--he's tough. He's not wavered or shaken by the elements around him. He takes the little moments that have been given to him & he runs like the wind with them. I love that.

Catching raindrops on his tongue--is this a picture of pure childhood or what? 

He skipped & skittered across the slick concrete for nearly forty-five minutes & would have been happy as a clam spending his whole day beneath the gloomy gray cloud coverage above. But a drenched to the bone & shivering momma decided it was time to head inside for some Dora soup & a nap.

I need to do it more often. Say forget it all & take time to play. To stir up some fun out of storm clouds, to tip my head back & catch a few raindrops on my tongue, to take the moments I've been given with this little boy & his tender little life & run like the wind with them. 

A friendly little reminder to all of us with little ones.  I'll be hanging this one on my fridge where I can be reminded every single day.

From what I hear, these rainclouds have plans of sticking around for a bit.

Which reminds me...I'd better toss that pile of wet clothes in the dryer. There's a little rain boy waking from his afternoon nap & I bet he's gonna be raring to go for round two of play'n in the rain.

Have a happy week--embrace the sogginess!


  1. I love your outlook sweetheart! Jett is a very lucky little boy to have such a wonderful mommy!

  2. I always love reading your posts. You are such a sweet mom! I already feel like my little guy is growing up too fast!