Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Spring In My Step {& a 40 Days progress update}

The windows are open & the wind is whipping through our house. There are six garbage bags sitting next to my car waiting to be hauled off to Goodwill.  I've got paint swatches in creamy hues lining the nursery wall. And my spring cleaning list is steadily shrinking by the day.

I just love this time of year. It puts a little spring in my step. I wake up in the morning with a renewed energy & I find myself ready to take on the world--one closet at a time.

And I love that I'm surrounded by people who feel the same--people who feel those blustery Spring winds blow in & awake from hibernation to get a move on things. My facebook stream here lately has been a steady trickle of--

Just went for a five mile run!
Choosing a new paint color for the bedroom.
Decorating for Spring!
Playdate at the park.

You go, my friends! Get those projects done! Give that room a makeover! Get that body in shape! You rock.

Speaking of's the 40 Day Challenge going for those of you who joined me? 40 days seems like ample enough time to get everything accomplished, but I as I learned last year, it whizzes right by. I feel like I've been pretty productive this time around, knocking out a few things at a time. I would love to be able to take one room at a time & flip it from top to bottom, but I'm finding that to be impossible. So instead, I just take a little at a time--the bathroom vanities one day, the kitchen cupboards another--the laundry room, the spice rack, Jett's toys, the linen closet. It's coming along & I feel like I'm keeping on top of it {for now}. I'm most certainly loving the fact that junk is going out the door & that my cabinets & drawers are freeing up. Oh, & would you believe that my husband went & purged his dresser & closet {WITHOUT me asking him to} & booted an overflowing garbage bag of clothes out of this house? I am so proud.

And just because you may not be overhauling an entire master suite doesn't mean you can't spruce up your home with some simple touches. We've got enough overhauling to do when it comes to our little one's rooms right now so needless to say, our own bedroom is pretty much getting overlooked in the makeover department. But I did want to do a little something to freshen up our slumbering quarters. Who knew some fresh flowers that I picked up at the supermarket & a new, light citrusy candle would make the room feel so refreshed & inviting? A revamp for seven bucks? I'll take it!

And since we're talking all things Spring here...check out what arrived just in time for the glorious changing of seasons...

Papa & Grandma's birthday surprise to our Jett Jett-- an amazing new wooden playset!

Jared's been spending a few hours on the weekends & evenings here & there putting it together {along with some help from his dad & my dad} & I imagine in just a couple more days, we'll have a finished product.

Papa only got distracted from his work a few times. {wink}

This kid watches his Daddyboy's every move & works right alongside him. He can tell you exactly which tool is a drill, a set of pliers, a screwdriver, a level, a tape measurer...I think he's going to be quite a little handyman.  Like father, like son!

It has been an awesome kickoff to an incredibly beautiful, brand new season & I'm crossing my fingers that this little spring in my step sticks around for awhile. 

Tell me, what are some of the ways this lovely, gentle season has put a spring in your step? What projects are you up to? What colors are you painting the rooms of your homes? What races are you gearing up to run? I'd love to hear all about it!

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