Friday, April 6, 2012

40 Days Final Update

Easter weekend is upon us!

I'm going to bring this 40 Day Challenge to a close with a little update & then I'm outta here for some holiday weekending. Easter baskets, multi colored plastic eggs, layered cakes & family traditions are calling my name & you know me well enough by now to know that I'm burnin' rubber trying to make sure that everything comes to fruition just perfectly.

So without further little update:

I am happy to report that the only bunny you'll be seeing around these parts this weekend is good ol' Peter Cottontail. I have rid my home of every single dust bunny in sight & I say with great pride that I absolutely murdered that spring cleaning list this year. Every light fixture sparkly, every baseboard touched up, every closet free of clutter & get this...twelve bags hauled off to Goodwill. Can I get a woot woot? {!!!} I accomplished everything on that mile long list & tonight I plan on slam dunking that sucker in the trash & not giving another thought to "spring cleaning" for a whole 'nother year.

I absolutely love this challenge. Well, sometimes I love-slash-hate it. But at the end of the day, it's just exactly the fuel I need to keep me fired up & moving forward with getting my home in tip top shape. I believe it's important to be a good steward of the belongings I own-- no matter how much or little I have been given-- & to me, part of that means taking good care of the home I have. A lot of you think I'm incredibly nuts for getting as detailed as I do {I can see how pulling the fridge & stove out to clean under it may seem ridiculous}, but it eases my mind to know that nothing is growing or lurking in those hidden areas. I enjoy my home more when I know I'm working hard to take care of it.

Now, please don't mistake my spring cleaning frenzy as me being some drill sergeant who waltzes around with my pristine, white glove slid onto my hand. I've been to homes like that {& used to operate my own home that way} & I can tell you--it's no way to live. A home like that is tense, it's stressful & nobody really enjoys coming over because they can't just kick back & enjoy life with you. Our home is lived in. Yes, I like to keep it clean. No I will not freak over crumbs on the floor. So come over, live life with us, make a mess, slide the pile of laundry over so you can find a place to sit...see if I care.

For those of you who played along in the 40 Day Challenge, I'd love to know how you finished up. Even if you didn't get everything accomplished on your list,  doesn't it feel awesome to have some of those areas of your life & home purged? Send me a note. I love hearing your updates!

Alright...I've got to run now. I've got frosting whipping in the mixer & cake layers laid out on my kitchen counter that need stacking.

Have a wonderful, beautiful, holiday weekend!

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  1. I haven't quite finished my list, but I will and I am sooooo relieved to have most of it done. It was a great "challenge" because it broke it down into manageable baby steps, but moved fast enough to be able to accomplish the list and have those mini cleaning burdens off my mind! My drawers and cabinets aren't so stuffed, my closets are more functional and my house has a freshness that it didn't before!!