Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Sprinkle

When I said I didn't really need to have a baby shower this time around--that I already had all the baby necessities I could imagine needing for baby girl, my friend Courtney wasn't hearing a word of it. She quickly reminded me that every single baby, every little life, deserves to be celebrated. 

So we had us a little celebration.  

Saturday morning, a handful of my dearest friends gathered around me at one of my favorite restaurants to throw me a baby "sprinkle".  It was small, it was intimate, it was just exactly the kind of celebration my heart had imagined.

The thing I love most about the group of friends I have is that they aren't all cut out of the same cookie cutter mold. They're not this big group of ladies, all in their early thirties, married, with two & a half kids at home. Their lives don't all mirror mine. They aren't friends that I hand selected myself, thinking, "You look like someone who could be my friend." Instead, they are the women that God has so delicately set in my path & has intertwined my life & heart with. One of them introduced me to my husband back in college & our friendship has grown & blossomed & gotten sweeter with time. One of them discipled me in the word of God. One of them I call my second momma. One of them has an unwavering faith that sends her all over the world on missions trips, proclaiming the name of Jesus. Several of them share their babies with me & let me love them like my own {both little ones & college age, alike}.

They are different ages, different personalities, in different walks & phases of life, yet each & every single one of them has given to me something in this journey of motherhood that I am in the midst of. God himself, has been the author of these dear friendships & I could not have chosen a group of women that better suits me. 

Not only did these ladies sprinkle me with love & laughter throughout our afternoon luncheon together, they also sprinkled me with some fun little girlie goodies.

I opened tutus & ballet flats, hair bows & teensy weensy bracelets. There was a tea set, an itty bitty swimsuit, ruffle butt bloomers & enough pink to set my girl up for life!

That little plant up there is a surprise sprinkle gift that Jett made for "Sissy" {with the help of Gigi}. It is now sitting in our kitchen window sill & when he looks up at it, he exclaims, "Sissy's!" 

It was an absolute perfect day--an absolute perfect "sprinkle". The life of my little girl was celebrated in a way that made my heart spill over & I cannot wait to introduce her to these women--the ones who have loved & celebrated her little life before they ever even laid eyes on her. 

She's one lucky little girl, already.

A very special thank you to my friend, Courtney for thinking of me & my little one & creating a celebration that I will remember forever & ever. You are a precious friend & I love you to pieces!

I'd also like to thank my friends Stacy & Amy for the precious little "sugar & spice" favors. They were absolutely adorable & added such a sweet touch to the day! Thank you girls! Love you both!

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